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my future girlfriendMexican pop star Julieta Venegas will be performing  in Central Park this summer as part of the Summerstage series, according to the New York Times.  As of now, the Times says the show wont be part of the six paid/benefit concerts.  If I were a betting man, I would say this will be the closing concert of the Latin Alternative Music Conference, and I’d have to assume the show lands on July 12.

Last year, Cafe Tacuba headlined the event.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the show, even though I volunteered for the conference.  the line to Summerstage was huge!  I settled for listening to the show from outside like the many, many rest of us stragglers and Johnny-come-latelies.

but now I’m older and wiser and know to show up hours in advance.

in other Julieta news, she recently taped a performance for that old MTV relic program Unplugged.  According to MTV public relations, the show was “unforgettable. ”  But the somewhat cool news here is one of her collaborators for the set: La Mala Rodriguez, who provided a “strong hip hop infusion.”  Not my words.  Why can’t i get a job for MTV Tres/Latin America publicity?  I may not have ever taken any creative writing courses, but i can probably work a thesaurus better than the intern responsible for this copy.

But really, how cool would it be if my future girlfriend on the side La Mala were her opening act?  Horny “Latin alternative” boys will all pause for that concert.


there’s something miserably appropriate regarding today’s glum weather.  it’s as if we used up all our happy points for the entire month of February just to see the Giants win the only game that matters.

i’d gladly trade an extra week just to have that same feeling I felt last night.  it was palpable.  all you ever ask for as a fan is that two-minute offense scenario where your team controls their own destiny – not missed or made field goals from the other team, not penalties, certainly not bad referreeing. 

wait, did Eli really just escape that sack…hold up how did Tyree hold possession of that football…his helmet?  WTF?

It sounds silly to say, especially rearding this is sports we’re talking about, but Eli had absolutely no intention of losing this game.  They beat the best team in the NFL, no questions asked.  we are now entitled to talk shit until next September, when they do this all over again.  That’s why they play the game, that’s why we watch.

As for me, i’ll gladly bask in this peculiar afterglow for maybe a week.  Maybe I’ll go to their ticker tape parade.  after that, it’s time to retire the Giants cap, t-shirt, and whatever regalia I drape myself in every Sunday, sometimes Mondays, and every once in while on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Baseball is coming up, and the Yankees have to take care of that other New England franchise.  being a fan is having to put yourself through annual misery, just like today’s weather.  At least the sun shines in the summer.

PS.  Fuck Boston.

as predicted, the Giants did indeed score a late field goal, overtime at that, to overcome the heavily favored Green Bay Packers.  although the game featured more touchdowns than I had anticipated.

I will not mention That Other Team Whose Name We Dare Not Utter until gameday.

The New York tackle football Giants overcome the elements to win 16-13 with a late game field goal.  oh yeah it will be an exciting game, the kind only a city as frigid as Green Bay can provide. 

i’ll come back sunday night to gloat or cry.

and because people are already talking Packers/Patriots SuperBowl, and how much Joe Buck is going to fawn over his crushes/starting QBs on that media wet dream.

just because we need to take games one at a time.

just because Eli obviously admires Bret Favre.


last week’s NY Giants victory was for your trash-talking brother Ronde.  This week is dedicated to you. 

You probably dont care too much, you have a cushy job at NBC and will probably say the Giants deserved yesterday’s victory.but you did yap your mouth re: Eli not being a leader.  the verdicts out on that, i admit, but i couldnt help but think about your lack of class for those preseason comments.

the Giants are in the NFC Championship game.  how about that?  i myself didnt think it was possible early on in the season.

Hopefully next week they’ll show up again.  Win or loss, it is still a remarkable turnaround for their late-season slump, up until that New England game.  just the thought of a postseason game at Lambeau Field seems appropriate.  what an atmosphere that will be.

Oh by the way, you picked the dullest outfit on Project Runway, Tiki.  you should’ve gone with the 3-piece suit.

Sometime near the end of the show, one of the Pipettes (either the brunette one or the one that wears glasses) called out the dance-repressed crowd.  She reminded everyone they in-fact were attending a Pipettes gig, so everyone should just take off their cool and just have campy fun with the entertainers.  everyone had a bit of a laugh and slowly some of the crowd followed though with hand gestures and Carlton Banks-like two steps.

This being my first time ever seeing the Pipettes, I wondered almost the length of the show if this is something they work over at every stop in their itiniary, USA or Europe.  I recall reading their “bio” more than a year ago and it harly went off like the usual “this is how we met” or “our first recording” diatribe.  It was a mission statement; a source for how they came to initiate this experiment of sorts.  The three lovely members of the Pipettes apparently preferred a pre-Beatles approach of pop music; no experimentation, no frills, all girly fun.  My confusion stemmed from seeing their visuals and reading theie bio. Are they treating this like a regular band, or some project?  Obviously both can mesh well, especially when they can make some bank in the open market.  And indeed they are doing that.  Their show at the Gramercy was well attended.  Before this, the only times i saw what they looked like were a few press fotos and two videos:  “Pull Shapes” and “Your Kisses are wasted on Me.”

Pull Shapes looks like your standard fare video, but YKAWOM was something else.  was this just clever editing of raw footage, or a staged production?  is this how people really reacted at their shows?  Seeing this was incredible, and i was amped to see them the very first time they touched NYC.  Unfortunately for me, that first time was a double billing with Amy Winehouse some last March (i think) when the Amy bandwagon was at an alltime high.  It sold out in ridiculous time, and of course all the talk shifted towards Winehouse, she had a hit record and her tabloid fodder was the talk of internet.

I was underwhelmed, sadly.  Not at the Pipettes, but at the crowd.  Maybe the Monday factor set in (doubt it) but the majority of the crowd was lifeless.  One could argue its just an NY thing, where even at a Girl Talk show, people jsut stared at him rather than dance at his gigs.  While I think maybe some of them were just not trying to dance yet enjoy the show, a lot were just there to observe.  Standing like statues and watching three polka-dot drenched girls do funny things with their hands.  And of course there were the seats in the back of the theater, always giving people an excuse to sit during a show. 

I was surprised by the # of songs in their setlist.  They do a lot of songs not in their album.  The top clip is two songs that segued right into each other, and i wish they had done more of this revue/medley type stuff during the night.  It fits the whole vibe of their image to a tee.

In conclusion, the really hot blonde one is now a redhead, and it looks GREAT on her.

Joba Chamberlain played such a key role in the Yank’s 2007 campaign for the post-season.  It is far from over, but the Bombers have reason to celebrate. 

I made a total of two Yankee-related posts: one where I proclaimed A-Rod a god among men, and one where I chronicled the kind of season the Yanks were having, the infamous stolen home plate game.

Since then things took a turn.  If memory serves me correct, a game or two later, A-Rod involved himself in the now notorious incident while rounding third base against the Blue Jays.  He yelled something at Howie Clark, causing the third baseman to drop a routine pop out, and adding to the fuel for the remainder of the season.

The Yankees would climb from the hole they dug for themselves.  They reached .500 by the All Star Game, and would have the best record in baseball since the midseason classic.  Not bad.  As a matter of fact, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

But how can you not love this guy?  Any time a young guy makes valuable contributions to your team, everyone takes notice.  Best of all, it becomes infectious.  Melky and Cano did it before, and Joba followed suit.  We’ll see far this momentum takes us.

The MLB playoffs start next week.


i had a seriously fun time at MIA’s show in Brooklyn.  There’s no reason to post a setlist, because whats the point.  The only way a show like hers can falter is if the DJ can’t switch records effectively.  You pretty much expect to see all the songs you’ve heard before and all the new ones that’ve been made public.

Some of the songs previously unheard by me sounded great.  It’s gonna be a great dance record for sure.  And she looked awesome;  I was reminded why I had a crush on her over 2 years ago.  She looked good in her cop hat (i’m sure there’s a specific term for the type of hat, but like hell I know it.) 

The club was so crowded.  Some people got in as early as 9:30 i think and she didnt hit stage until maybe after midnight.  But the DJ held it down with pretty much all the songs you would expect to hear at a venue like this (some bonde do role, strokes and interpol, some old school hip hop and electro)

One complaint.  Maybe she shouldnt be performing “Bird Flu” to close out a set.  I’m afraid as bad as people dance, that beat shows no mercy on them and they don’t even bother to try for the most part.  I’d suggest opening with it (hopefull she reads me and considers my humble suggestion). She did come back to do “boyz” and “galang”, which was just awesome.

Couldn’t take any pictures, but i probably wouldnt have bothered anyhow.  The show was too much fun to even think a bout anything else than the music and the people around you.  The photo above was taken from the pitchfork site.  More pictures from last night can be found at their news section.