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my future girlfriendMexican pop star Julieta Venegas will be performing  in Central Park this summer as part of the Summerstage series, according to the New York Times.  As of now, the Times says the show wont be part of the six paid/benefit concerts.  If I were a betting man, I would say this will be the closing concert of the Latin Alternative Music Conference, and I’d have to assume the show lands on July 12.

Last year, Cafe Tacuba headlined the event.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the show, even though I volunteered for the conference.  the line to Summerstage was huge!  I settled for listening to the show from outside like the many, many rest of us stragglers and Johnny-come-latelies.

but now I’m older and wiser and know to show up hours in advance.

in other Julieta news, she recently taped a performance for that old MTV relic program Unplugged.  According to MTV public relations, the show was “unforgettable. ”  But the somewhat cool news here is one of her collaborators for the set: La Mala Rodriguez, who provided a “strong hip hop infusion.”  Not my words.  Why can’t i get a job for MTV Tres/Latin America publicity?  I may not have ever taken any creative writing courses, but i can probably work a thesaurus better than the intern responsible for this copy.

But really, how cool would it be if my future girlfriend on the side La Mala were her opening act?  Horny “Latin alternative” boys will all pause for that concert.


i’ll always love the roots.  been a loyal consumer since Illadelph Halflife, and no doubt i will exercise my purchasing power on the new album. 

this artwork is on some WOW shit!  I’ve only heard “black’s reconstruction” (which you can find below this post) and “birthday girl”, two tracks that could not be any more different;  i enjoy both immensely, the latter however I have to admit i was not ready for at all.  It has the potential to be a summer banger and a frat/sorority house anthem for years to come.  I like it better than their prior exploration of pop rock landscape, “the seed 2.0” (which was never really their song to begin with).  Here’s a homemade video, the song features Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.  Honestly, I would have never guessed it was him if it wasn’t for internet crybabies screaming out SELL OUT to a group that’s been grinding for more than a decade.

here are ?uestlove’s words regarding the artwork:

although im light years away from western civilization, i still keep up with what is going on and i have to say that its about time that SOMEBODY mentioned race that wasn’t black in this quest for pres-o-dent. (i like the sound of that) then i realized that “no experience” is the new “race card” in this primary (shhhhh dont tell them that)which then gave me a brilliant idea (c) (blair, facts of life) “let’s reveal the album cover!”why? its practically parallel with Geraldine Ferraro comment with “america being in love with a concept” (and im sorry….i dont believe the “concept” she speaks of is about his”hope will save the day” talk. i think the concept she is talking about is the unspoken issue that NOONE on fox news has yet to say.don’t make me say it.

matter of fact i won’t say it.
( on the word “it”)but i will lead you to the subject matter of the cover.The Reconstruction period in American History.this drawing is entitled NEGRO RULE. and it pretty much sums up the feeling of the Confederate Union towards the newly freed slaves and the idea that if given power they would reek havoc and chaos on the country.

somehow in watching this election one can’t help but wonder if those unspoken feelings—– (btw…”if obama was a white man” is also the new nig—ok…im sorry….black)– reflect the looming figure of the old figureheads of washington now?

We are enjoying our tenure down here in southeast asia. even more amused at all of this birthday girl madness going on. the OFFICIAL video (meaning the one we pay for with our own dollars) will be mired in more controversy once you get wind of who we got to star in this bit. i just hope that this won’t tarnish the O campaign im associated with (i mean after all in two weeks we done kilted whitey, gave the finga to the innnaNET, and now eyeing all the 18 year olders in the house? sheeesh political indeed!

but im always one to give CLues
( on clues)i know….im an ass!-El ?uesto”

On a slightly related note, i think i really like this unofficial roots video because the birthday girl in question bears a resemblence to Zooey Deschanel.  she’s so hot, i want to be on her (c) Ron Burgundy.  Props to FallOutG1rl4ever for posting that video. LMAO.

i’m obsessed with celebs like the next person, so pardon my interruption from sports, music, and my normal ramblings.

So Katie Holmes was on David Letterman last night, probably promoting something but hell if i care.  She looked so good!  She’s like a totally different person, though I’m probably wrong since all i really know of her is her portrayal of Joey on Dawson’s Creek, so that’s how i picture her to be.  When I was in high school she was sort of a big crush for young boys, very different than the usual Maxim magazine or SI swimsuit edition chick.

her dress was cool, and her hair suits her well. She also had a nice tan.  I learned she ran the NYC marathon and that her daughter Suri is a wonderful artist, or something like that.  She’s probably the most famous daughter since Madonna’s daughter.

she’s no Mary Gamarra, but I find her very attractive.  deep down inside i wish i could be a male groupie, or a “band-aid” a-la Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

I’ll hopefully be seeing her group The Fiery Furnaces on January 19, 2008 in Hoboken, NJ, in case anyone is interested.

much like other internet trolls, i gawk at hot news reporters/weather chicks.  and a time-tested fact is there’s no better place to get your perv on than Latino news programs.

i know there’s no way to sound creepy while writing one of these douchy diatribes, but i’ll do my best to keep it subtle.  Mary Gamarra is by far the hottest chick doing this whole “telling the weather and looking damn good talking in front of a camera” game.  the reasons and visual evidence:

  • she’s classy
  • she’s classy
  • she’s classy and looks very fit

hello, not many people in this world can wear a dress like that and not totally skank it up, in public or in television.  she seems accessible (i’m probably fooling myself here), like i might have a chance with her (haha).  the consensus seems to be that Jackie Guerido is the baddest chick in the meteorologist game.  but in my humble opinion, there’s stench of snottiness with her good looks.  plus we all cant be like Don Omar and have easy access to her.  plus i don’t like her more recent bangs.  and she looks like she can let herself go in a few years.  I can picture a whole bunch of ho-males like the ones in Hot Chicks and Douche Bags following her around and leaving their nasty stench on her, leaving her even more repellent. 

back to Mary.  i want her to have my children.

On a similar note, i’ve noticed Karla Ramirez is one of the hosts in that awful morning program Despierta America.  For those Who don’t know, Karla used to host Control, another Univision show, about 7 years ago, i think.  and she looks great.  supposively she had a kid.  good for her!