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thanks for giving me something to read while at work.  always enjoyed your reviews.

thanks for helping me be more open to pop, as the mainstream defines the word (you know, nsync & spice girls¬†& ashlee simpson¬†kind of pop; not¬†the “3-minute catchy song definition which embody the majority of songs we listen to” kind of pop).¬† you opened up my world to Girls Aloud and Rachel Stevens.

thank you for the singles jukebox!!!!

even in your last days, you still managed to piss off people with your lists.¬† for sure i’d thought rihanna’s “umbrella” was a top 10 song (my top ten for sure, and one would figure it would be your top 10 if we followed trends of yesteryears).¬† and you put country chick Miranda Lambert’s album at number 2.¬† Now i think to myself if this is something i should be listening to.¬† At least one person in the comments section was totally heartbroken she was ahead of Neon Bible and In Rainbows, among others.

that takes dedication, my friends.  good job to all of you!