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some straight up bat-shit insane “news” has sprung in the last week regarding the Sox and Yanks.  tonight the teams continue their rivalry in Fenway Park, the site of a vicious attack from a falcon on an suspecting school girl on a field trip who just happened to be named Alexa Rodriguez.

Now we get news regarding the new Yankee Stadium set to open next season.  The New York Post reports a douchedbag Boston fan who is working in the construction of the stadium buried a Sox t-shirt under what will be the visitor’s locker room.  He hopes to jinx the Yankees.

“In August, a Red Sox T-shirt was poured in a slab in the visitor’s clubhouse. It’s the curse of the Yankees,” one worker said. “Nobody knows about it. It’s in the floors, it’s buried.”

the season series kicks off tonight, but it seams Boston is already up 2-0 on the Yanks. 

  • the ncaa tournament was ridic.  while my brackets were far from spectacular, the competition was top notch.  many feel good stories (Davidson, Memphis), fast paced coast to coast action, and buzzard beating shots (last nights end-of-regulation shot from Kansas) to amaze even the most passive of sport spectators.  Thanks Kansas for winning, bringing my bracket result from bottom feeder to a “respectable” middle of the pack.
  • champions league.  this being my first full year following just about every single match in the tourney, and we got a nightmare quarterfinal round with four English Premier League teams.  Thankfully, Arsenal and Liverpool will cancel each other out, and Chelsea might be eliminated by Fenerbahce (small chance).  After the dust settles, Barcelona and Manchester United may face off in semifinal match-up with a large enough talent pool to satisfy the Futbol Gods.
  • baseball (beisbol) season kicked off last week (almost 2 weeks if you count the Red Sox/A’s calamity in Japan).  and thank god.  i’ve found myself already in midseason form cursing out the weak Yankee bats, distracted by our inability to play short ball, and amazed by questionable starting pitcher.  On the plus side Wang, Joba, and Mariano are destroying the competition right now.
  • looking for my tax papers.  i thought i had them all i one place but i was wrong.  this hunt for documentation was a sport in of itself.

the rumors coming from Nashville are becoming concrete by the hour, and it looks like baseball behemoth Johan Santana is headed to Boston.

the deal seems to be Coco Crisp and either John Lester of Jacoby Elsbury, along with one or two highly regarded prospects to swap for the most feared pitcher in the ML.

For the Yankees, as the article points out, this either means they go after Dan Haren or remain content with their current rotation of Mussina, Pettite, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, while we wait  and see what the organization has in store for Joba (starter or bullpen).  That’s not a bad outlook for the Yankee future, unless they bvecome desperate for Haren in light of the Santana situation.  and you know Oakland will try to squeeze all they can if such a trade is a possibilty.

but enough with facts.  the funniest part is some cowardly National League exec who pointed out what has been obvious to just about everyone who recognizes the Yankees arent the only money spending pimps in the big leagues:

“If the Red Sox get Santana,” said an executive of one NL team that’s grateful to be in the other league, “they might be the best team in the history of the frigging universe.”

no shit, Sherlock.  they already are for the most part.  one doesn’t become champions by getting lucky. 

i only assume he’s cowardly because its obvious his identity is, well, not identified.  it’s fun to guess what team signs his paychecks.

Joba Chamberlain played such a key role in the Yank’s 2007 campaign for the post-season.  It is far from over, but the Bombers have reason to celebrate. 

I made a total of two Yankee-related posts: one where I proclaimed A-Rod a god among men, and one where I chronicled the kind of season the Yanks were having, the infamous stolen home plate game.

Since then things took a turn.  If memory serves me correct, a game or two later, A-Rod involved himself in the now notorious incident while rounding third base against the Blue Jays.  He yelled something at Howie Clark, causing the third baseman to drop a routine pop out, and adding to the fuel for the remainder of the season.

The Yankees would climb from the hole they dug for themselves.  They reached .500 by the All Star Game, and would have the best record in baseball since the midseason classic.  Not bad.  As a matter of fact, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

But how can you not love this guy?  Any time a young guy makes valuable contributions to your team, everyone takes notice.  Best of all, it becomes infectious.  Melky and Cano did it before, and Joba followed suit.  We’ll see far this momentum takes us.

The MLB playoffs start next week.


I wanted to drink Sparks.  I was curious, never having drank it before.  But gotdamn, I had like 4 of those bad boys last night (and a shot of vodka, inexplicably).

it’s now 6:20 in the morning and i’m towed up.

it won’t be a good day, i’m sure of that one thing.

i think i have been up since 5:30 because i dont know what to do with myself.  i drank a few of those yesterday, watched a bit of “Akira,” went to my sister’s place to watch the Yankee victory (1.5 games behind now!).  i know on my way home i bought some club soda, i’m looking at it right now, so that means i felt it’s totalitarian power last night, Sparks that is.  went to bed relatively early.

i have to stop treating my body like a science experiment.  i’ve come to the conclusion i’m indestructible like Bruce Willis in “unbreakable,” i might feel the pain, but i’ll never die or break a bone or something to the effect.

  • the Yanks are tied for dead last in the AL East, 14.5 games back from the first-place BoSox.  Ideally players, media, and fans really have to keep Boston from their minds.  They are playing in a different plateu;  the Yanks should think about getting to 2nd place first, and the Wild Card should they be so fortunate.
  • Their offense is nonexistant.  Pettite gave it his all for seven and a third innings and the star-studded yanks were shut down yet again.
  • The Blue Jays stole home plate against the Yanks last night.  I can’t even remember the last time I saw that play.  I know I’ve seen a triple play sometime this year.  And Youkilis hit an inside the park HR the other night.

So as a “tribute” to that key play last night. I’m posting it.  NO disrespect for the Yanks, but they kind of deserve something like this to happen to them.  This should be a wake-up call of sorts.

on another Yankee-related note: The New York Post published a photograph of Alex Rodriguez with a “mystery blonde” in Toronto.  Apparently, the rendezvous included a steak dinner, a strip club, and a private afterparty at a hotel.  Seeing as how the Yankees are struggling, I can’t picture the Post letting go of this story anytime soon.  You know how the NY media loves their A-Rod!  I can see the commentary already: if only A-Rod were as smart as Jeter and kept his discretions discreet!


The numbers as of 4/24/07, a couple of hours before tonight’s game.

AVG .400 | HR 14 | RBI 34 | OBP .453 | SLG 1.053    

He needs just one more shot to have the record for most homers in April.  Last night he tied Pujols’ record from last year, a great feat in of itself.

Too bad the Yanks have such a terrible pitching situation.

i’m an uncle. her name is Valentina Simone and she’s very cool. she cries and sneezes and poops and pees and other stuff like that. i don’t think she likes me, though. if i touch her foot she’ll start kicking like she is Chun Li in Street Fighther II and I’m M. Bison.

i really hope Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter dont become the new McNabb/T.O. for the upcoming baseball year. It hurts me to say that A-Rod may just be too sensitive (or plays the sensitive role for the media a little too well). And Jeter more and more seems just a straight up douchebag (this doesnt take away from his on-field performance at all.) in a recent interview, A-rod commented about his (diminishing) friendship with Jeter. He says:

“The reality is there’s been a change in the relationship over 14 years and, hopefully, we can just put it behind us,” Rodriguez said. “You go from sleeping over at somebody’s house five days a week, and now you don’t sleep over. It’s just not that big of a deal.”

UGGHHHH. I wish he can project this anger or disappointment onto the field and blast like 50 HRs this year, and maybe he could just put an end to this nonsensical story for good. Every week the media focused on A-Rod’s “psyche” and he just played along with them, hurting team chemistry when it counted.

Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire is incredible!!!!!! I pretty much downloaded the album that weekend it leaked and gave it a quick listen. About a good month later a finally gave it some time and it is nothing short of perfection. I’d have to say my favorite song right now is either “the well and the lighthouse” or “(antichrist television blues)”, the latter apparently being about Joe Simpson, the father of Jessica and the other Simpson sister who had the nose job. oh yeah, it’s Ashleigh. i actually prefer Ashleigh over Jessica pre-nose job. there is a link to that song in question here and judge for yourselves.

– just saw the movies “ATL” and “Hustle and Flow,” both very awesome movies. that’s it for now.