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once upon a time, i thought i had a pimple on my butt.  nope, it was a boil, as i would come to find out after minimal research.  i couldve gone to the doctor to find that healthy piece of info out, but i cannot afford such luxuries and dont have any medical insurance (until now, i’m gonna go to the doctor every week now).

I now have a boil right below my left hip and its making my life slightly difficult.  it’s gross; ive shown to a couple of people, and one of them threatened to kick me in my boil if pulled my pants lower.  my pants are leaving contour marks all over it, and it hurts.  i’m sure my heavy drinking this past weekend, did not help with the boil situation, probably made it worse.  that bloody mary sure was good, though!

here’s a pic of what a boil looks like, if youre not familiar.

not as nasty as “2 girls 1 cup” but you get the idea.  and if you dont know what “2girls 1cup” is, then go on ahead and search it if you’re the kind of person who enjoys being grossed out.  but beware, it is not something you just jump into.  i myself wasnt grossed out, as i normally believe that everything i see on film is not real, like a big budget movie or whatever.

My boil also reminded me of an episode of Gilmore Girls where Taylor decides he wants to change the names of all streets in Stars Hollow back to their old names during colonial times.  It just so happens that Lorelei’s inn is located in what used to be Sores and Boils Road, where one presumes commonfolk traveled to in order to have their boil problem resolved.  I ust thought it sounded gross and funny at the time, but now i really know what a boil is!  and it makes sense that it’s paired up with a sore!



I wanted to drink Sparks.  I was curious, never having drank it before.  But gotdamn, I had like 4 of those bad boys last night (and a shot of vodka, inexplicably).

it’s now 6:20 in the morning and i’m towed up.

it won’t be a good day, i’m sure of that one thing.

i think i have been up since 5:30 because i dont know what to do with myself.  i drank a few of those yesterday, watched a bit of “Akira,” went to my sister’s place to watch the Yankee victory (1.5 games behind now!).  i know on my way home i bought some club soda, i’m looking at it right now, so that means i felt it’s totalitarian power last night, Sparks that is.  went to bed relatively early.

i have to stop treating my body like a science experiment.  i’ve come to the conclusion i’m indestructible like Bruce Willis in “unbreakable,” i might feel the pain, but i’ll never die or break a bone or something to the effect.

this post will not contain any pictures.  but you will just have to trust that i indeed have the mother of all pimples on my butt.

i feel it at every moment, everywhere.  when i walk, when i sit, especially when i get up from seating.  i’m afraid of going to the gym.  when i pretended to do squats earlier today, i felt the pimple expanding.

i tried to look at it in the mirror, it was in such a specific spot i could not catch a glimpse of this monstrosity.  but i can feel it; it’s tangible if i reach for it from the back and and around the front side.  it’s that big.

i’m wondering if this is even a pimple at all.  i was sitting on my ass a lot during the weekend from the long nights.  i know i sat in a somewhat uncomfortable position often, looking for my comfort zone.  i can’t remember if this thing was on my body yesterday, i do remember making a comment about it last night.

as i type this i’m sitting in a holy uncomfortable chair.

i can’t wait to rid this thing of me.