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garfield minus garfield.  click on it, you know you want to!


i would start off with a common cliche like “do pepole really like that song?” but what’s the point really? 

i hate to sound like that guy who complains about “horrible music,” but c’mon folks!  i’m not so convinced the public is all for this song!  i’m not sure if Flo Rida is one guy or a group (i hear many voices in that song) but that opening verse sounds like Nate Dogg, but devoid of that good gangsta music!

who’s responsible fo him/them having the number 1 song on i-tunes?  that song is on like all the time.  my cousin wanted to buy it yesterday, but it took a some snark and eye-rolling to talk him out of it.  he instead bought “party like a rockstar” (i can only do so much).

anyway dude is corny in ways i cant convey in text.  he should go away in a couple of months.

must say it’s an excellent lineup, but only disappointed  that i imagined (hoped) the number of talent would somewhat equal that of Coachella.  but that place is just so big, and you cant do the same with the limited space of of Liberty State Park.

Quality wise, it’s a strong line-up. 

I might cop tickets the day they go on sale, only because I fear the “Radiohead as 2-night headliners” thing will force the creeps to buy out all the tickets and mark up the prices.  Bastards.

Radiohead are coming to the Garden State in August, headlining the first 2 nights of the All Points West festival.

All hail Jersey City, for at least 2 nights this year.

The festival will take place August 8-10.


i’m sure there are tons of ESPN-connected clips all around the internet that prove many times over how foolish their content can be.  for example:

  • stories about Dana Jacobson and her “drinking tirade”
  • the doucehbaggery of Stephen A. Smith
  • Merrill Hodge’s constant attacks on Vince Young’s rookie year
  • the “point-counterpoint” segments with John Clayton and Sean Salisbury
  • Skip Bayless

the list goes on…and on…

But now the crowning achievement of all ESPN clips, quite possibly the greatest ever.  Thanks, Chris.  You fuckhead.

Spike Jonze, the man who brought you this:

and this (i love Bjork):

and this:

and this:

will be bringing us the big picture version the uber-famous Where The Wild Things Are, a book that I read-but-not-really-read because, after all, so how could 10-year-old immigrant learn how to read English that quickly?  it’s a fully illustrated book;  all you really needed to know was that the kid went to sleep and he saw some crazy stuff, man!

As if news of Jonze in charge of the flick wasn’t enough, two stills were released to the public some time ago, and they are truly impressive.  I’m pretty sure this comes out in 2009, and all I foresee (and hope) is that I could watch this with my niece Valentina, who might be too young for such imagery (i hope not, she just turned one year young), but i would hope she would enjoy anyhow.  Looks excellent.

actually that’s not true, but this video and that fact that Jack White is singing in español has got to be the number 1 WTF moment of the early year.


i wouldn’t say I’m hyper-negative or anything like that, but often I chime in and spoil everyone’s ideas with some snide remark and/or bring too much sense to an otherwise harmless conversation.  Debbie Downer, one might say.  but i swear I’m not miserable on purpose.

but i had a moment of clarity when “wannabe” by the Spice Girls came on the radio at work just a few minutes ago.

i hate my office’s choice of music during the workday.  for the better part of 3 months, the choice was CD 101.9, a station that plays the absolute lightest jazz music ever created by Kenny G.  As it happens, they switched formats the other day;  a progressive rock format which promises an “innovative” playlist, which basically means every single popular rock song of the past 50 years sprinkled with “avante-guard” acts like The Velvet Underground and Arcade Fire.  my supervisor was having none of this (i share an office room with 3 other people) and she switched to KTU.  their front page tells you their recently played songs, and it’s a mostly bland bunch.

but then the Spice Girls came on, and all my high school optimism cam back to me.  i remembered thinking how hot they were, and how girl power took over the world!  if they could run for president, I’d vote all 5 of them in!  with the exception of Victoria Beckham, you lost your looks!  That song rules to this day, and for 3 minutes i forgot how crappy that station was (until TKA’s “louder than love” came on).  I know they performed in the area this week, and from the looks of it, their concerts look totally flamboyant.  good for them for making that scrilla,

there’s something miserably appropriate regarding today’s glum weather.  it’s as if we used up all our happy points for the entire month of February just to see the Giants win the only game that matters.

i’d gladly trade an extra week just to have that same feeling I felt last night.  it was palpable.  all you ever ask for as a fan is that two-minute offense scenario where your team controls their own destiny – not missed or made field goals from the other team, not penalties, certainly not bad referreeing. 

wait, did Eli really just escape that sack…hold up how did Tyree hold possession of that football…his helmet?  WTF?

It sounds silly to say, especially rearding this is sports we’re talking about, but Eli had absolutely no intention of losing this game.  They beat the best team in the NFL, no questions asked.  we are now entitled to talk shit until next September, when they do this all over again.  That’s why they play the game, that’s why we watch.

As for me, i’ll gladly bask in this peculiar afterglow for maybe a week.  Maybe I’ll go to their ticker tape parade.  after that, it’s time to retire the Giants cap, t-shirt, and whatever regalia I drape myself in every Sunday, sometimes Mondays, and every once in while on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Baseball is coming up, and the Yankees have to take care of that other New England franchise.  being a fan is having to put yourself through annual misery, just like today’s weather.  At least the sun shines in the summer.

PS.  Fuck Boston.