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i’m an uncle. her name is Valentina Simone and she’s very cool. she cries and sneezes and poops and pees and other stuff like that. i don’t think she likes me, though. if i touch her foot she’ll start kicking like she is Chun Li in Street Fighther II and I’m M. Bison.

i really hope Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter dont become the new McNabb/T.O. for the upcoming baseball year. It hurts me to say that A-Rod may just be too sensitive (or plays the sensitive role for the media a little too well). And Jeter more and more seems just a straight up douchebag (this doesnt take away from his on-field performance at all.) in a recent interview, A-rod commented about his (diminishing) friendship with Jeter. He says:

“The reality is there’s been a change in the relationship over 14 years and, hopefully, we can just put it behind us,” Rodriguez said. “You go from sleeping over at somebody’s house five days a week, and now you don’t sleep over. It’s just not that big of a deal.”

UGGHHHH. I wish he can project this anger or disappointment onto the field and blast like 50 HRs this year, and maybe he could just put an end to this nonsensical story for good. Every week the media focused on A-Rod’s “psyche” and he just played along with them, hurting team chemistry when it counted.

Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire is incredible!!!!!! I pretty much downloaded the album that weekend it leaked and gave it a quick listen. About a good month later a finally gave it some time and it is nothing short of perfection. I’d have to say my favorite song right now is either “the well and the lighthouse” or “(antichrist television blues)”, the latter apparently being about Joe Simpson, the father of Jessica and the other Simpson sister who had the nose job. oh yeah, it’s Ashleigh. i actually prefer Ashleigh over Jessica pre-nose job. there is a link to that song in question here and judge for yourselves.

– just saw the movies “ATL” and “Hustle and Flow,” both very awesome movies. that’s it for now.