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it’s a celebration bitches! (c) Kanye channeling Dave Chappelle channeling Rick James.

i know its standard to say that arena concerts are just not the thing to attend, but i really love the whole spectacle of it.  obviously only mainstream acts tend to this; my last arena concert was Mana last year, and they need the space for all their showmanship (or pyro or lightshow). 

best arena tour ever IMO: Dr. Dre’s Smoke Out Tour Up in Smoke Tour (thanks for the correction).  they really went all out for that one.

So you know Kanye’s inflated ego will be bringing the goods for his US tour.  this has date-night written all over it, i mean I’m saying, Rihanna will be there!  dont care too much for Lupe.  his raps are good, but i’m not inclined to listen to his new LP.  maybe i’ll get around to it.  not.

but the real news is NERD!!!!!  their new song is hot by the way (ripped off or not).  always nice to see Chad Hugo, hopefully.  i guess it’s never a guarantee if he’ll show up.

oh yeah LOL at that poster.


yeah, i bought the cheapest camera around.  i’m still broke, and my old crappy camera malfunctioned some time ago.  the last one was a Sony, and I vowed as a consumer I will never support them again.  that camera was one disappointment after another.  but yeah, back to this one.  i had a week of activities to try it out with mixed results.  but it’s not like i’m some real photojournalist or anything, although i’d like to be one in another lifetime.

this is supposed to be the Fiery Furnaces.  yeah, i technically may be fibbing, but i swear that’s them.  kick ass show, admittedly i’ve only heard a handful of songs from them.  and i have to believe the Jersey hipsters there were in the same boat, save for a few “true” fans.  i tried taking pics from every conceivable section of the backroom, it was too packed to maneuver myself upfront, and that’s literally the best shot.  i was there for the music, anyhow.

that’s my friend Joe and his wife Gaby, and that’s their first dance and Mr. and Mrs.  The pics are pretty good when you’re up close and personal.

my sister Naty and her friend Annie.  at Medieval Times, where adults go to either accompany their young ones, or get tipsy and watch dudes in horses.  Good times.  It’s interesting to point out I would have never even considered going to MT as far as 5 years ago, most likely because of some false pretension (or more likely i was just very negative all around).  but of course in the company of good people, all is worth it.  but the friggin pictures sucked.  we sat in the last row of our section and this is pretty much how all resolution came out:

confession: i only paid like 30 bucks for the camera after gift cards, so who am i to complain?

That’s a picture of Valentina The Niece, just for the love of it.

yeah, this is what it’s supposed to look like in it’s new theoretical incarnation.  as cool as it may be, this was supposed to be completed already, but the corporate entities of Red Bull and AEG disputed about many things, one of them the design.  apparently AEG, who among owning other arenas, also organize and promote concerts, wanted to build a permanent stage on one of the stadium ends.  Red Bull said HELL NO!, citing possible damages to the field due to any extra curricular activities.

Red Bull bought them out, and now we have a newish design, the only new idea seemingly some glass that will not protect the field from the elemnents, but will keep the patrons(somewhat) dry.

I dont even watch the New York Red Bulls, even though they have an exciting young player (Altidore) who may be shopped to a European team (possibly Benfica, under Freddy Adu’s recommendation).

It’s hard to remain excited about a stadium that may be ready for the 2009 season of a team I never watch.  The only reason I keep an interest is because I truly want futbol/soccer to rise in popularity in the U.S. of A. (that is to say, I would like the quality of play to increase, leading to a hike in popularity).  and i won’t support an organization that to this day utilizes Giants Stadium as their home turf, only to struggle to fill up 1/5th of the seats.  it makes for a truly miserable experience.

added to that the additional coverage of international soccer on our cable networks, why should one even bother with a lesser product?

Hopefully the new purrty stadium it will be completed by their new deadline, and above all let’s hope the talent on the pitch will mirror the quality of the field, something the corporations mentioned above obvious did not care much for.  I for one have made a mental pledge to support the new stadium financially by attending at least one game, hopefully more to come.

as predicted, the Giants did indeed score a late field goal, overtime at that, to overcome the heavily favored Green Bay Packers.  although the game featured more touchdowns than I had anticipated.

I will not mention That Other Team Whose Name We Dare Not Utter until gameday.

The New York tackle football Giants overcome the elements to win 16-13 with a late game field goal.  oh yeah it will be an exciting game, the kind only a city as frigid as Green Bay can provide. 

i’ll come back sunday night to gloat or cry.

i, for one, look forward to not have to fly to Cali or Chicago or wherever to attend a festival akin to Coachella, but the weather is too muggy in the NY/NJ summer for any of this to be comfortable in the least.

but if indeed there will be a festival in Liberty State Park, that’s awesome. easy public transportation = less of a hassle, just a bit more patience i suppose.

but who knows how this will work out. a few years back, there was supposed to be a festival called Field Day that failed miserably and had to be moved to Giants Stadium at the last minute.

as for the Vineland festival in South Jersey, it would have to be a superior line-up for me to consider it.  if it’s good enough, i would even make a week of it.  it is close enough to Atalntic City and Wildwood, i haven’t been there in a long time.

January 16, 2008
Metro Briefing | New JerseyMusic Festival Coming to Liberty State ParkBy JEFF LEEDS
In the latest shift in the competition for music fans this summer, the concert promoters behind the popular Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California will stage a three-day event in Liberty State Park, according to people briefed on the plans. The new festival, tentatively scheduled for Aug. 8 through Aug. 10, is to be presented by the promoter AEG and its Goldenvoice subsidiary. A competing event, the Vineland Music Festival, held by C3 Presents and Festival Republic, a unit of the concert giant Live Nation, is scheduled from Aug. 8 to Aug. 10 in Vineland, N.J. The band Radiohead and the singer-songwriter Jack Johnson have been mentioned as headliners at the Liberty State Park event, though a lineup has not been announced. Representatives for AEG declined to comment.

if set up correctly, the festival in Liberty State Park could be wonderful!  imagine the picturesque views!  i don’t know just what parts will be available, or how many stages there will be, or even the land made available in Jersey City, but the backdrops could be excellent.  here’s a Google Earth map of the areas and it’s surroundings:


i had one of their salads for lunch, and it was awful.  i should know better than to order a salad from a burger spot, but whatever.  it’s making me want to projectile vomit.

oh and this McD’s also was selling some cinammon buns, and it was beyond stale.  total disappointment.

i still endorse their fries and apple pies.  everything else is basura.

i’m obsessed with celebs like the next person, so pardon my interruption from sports, music, and my normal ramblings.

So Katie Holmes was on David Letterman last night, probably promoting something but hell if i care.  She looked so good!  She’s like a totally different person, though I’m probably wrong since all i really know of her is her portrayal of Joey on Dawson’s Creek, so that’s how i picture her to be.  When I was in high school she was sort of a big crush for young boys, very different than the usual Maxim magazine or SI swimsuit edition chick.

her dress was cool, and her hair suits her well. She also had a nice tan.  I learned she ran the NYC marathon and that her daughter Suri is a wonderful artist, or something like that.  She’s probably the most famous daughter since Madonna’s daughter.

and because people are already talking Packers/Patriots SuperBowl, and how much Joe Buck is going to fawn over his crushes/starting QBs on that media wet dream.

just because we need to take games one at a time.

just because Eli obviously admires Bret Favre.