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I had the most fortunate privilage to work for CMJ for their annual Music Marathon in Manhattan. For the uninitiated: CMJ Music Marathon is basically a lot journalists, record execs (mostly independent), artists (mostly independent, again) college radio staff, and the like coverging in NYC to discuss many issues concerning the usic biz and its generalities. It’s a way for all these people to network, and party all night while listening to all the up-and-coming or already established acts. It used to be that CMJ was a vehicle for many across the country to “discover” new music, but since th internet has become so important to new acts, by now the festival (for lack of a better term) is a way to check out all these bands that are talked about on the interner ad nausem. That is why bands like the Thermals or CSS are so heavily anticipated in such an event. nobody cares about these bands outside the internet, but here they matter.

well enough of that, the first day i did not check out any shows. i was gonna try to see the screening of Borat CMJ was hosting with an appearance by Sascha Baron Cohen himself, but the night was too damn long. The next day however, proved to be eventful. I saw a band called The Hero Factor that a friend of mine keeps plugging, they were good, the band that came on before them had great energy, a New York trio byt he name of the Upwelling. Great Stuff, i should check them out soon.

(Before I forget, the pictures were takes from because the pictures i took sucked. Go to their website, it’s great.)

After leaving that show, me and my sister headed to Webster Hall to check out probably the most anticipated show of the week, The Knife. (Pictured above) There was really a sense this show was gonna approach historic proportions, seeing as how their very first U.S. show was just a couple of hour prior in the same venue. It did not disappoint. As described in other websites, this was not so much a concert as it was performance art. They put on the creepiest costumes (appropriate for the day after Halloween) and projected images on the wall behind them and in front of another screen, both showing totally different projections. It’s hard to say that they fulfilled all my expectations because I had none. It’s probably the first time in a long time that I was totally shellshocked by what i saw on stage. It was lovely. Check out their music. “Heartbeats” is probably the best song to come out EVER.

Girl Talk is a totally different animal. While The Knife almost leave you vulnearable, a Girl Talk DJ set is empowering. Everyone jumped on stage to party with him, eventually leading to many taking off their clothes and Girl Talk (I don’t know his real name) striping to his boxers. His popularity is proof that top 40 pop music is likable for many reasons, not just as a “guilty pleasure.”

Thunderbirds are Now! rawked! nuff said.

The Clipse were the final show I caught and they were brutal on the mic. Noboby brags better than Pusha T and Malice, and they bought it with most of tehir well known hits and mixtape favorites. I was hoping they would perform “Zen” since I was wearing a t shirt i made with that word on it. It also would have been nice to hear a couple of new songs from their upcoming album, but no such luck. It’s probably for the best though. Rap shows should never be any longer than it has to unless you are a veteran with about forur albums worth of hits and favorites. It was great to see Clipse in a venue that small.

There were a couple more bands I saw that i did not get into here because they either weren’t that good, or i just couldnt remember. I want to thank CMJ (especially Lisa Giordano), and all the other people i worked a long with. It was shared experience I will never forget, ang hopefully I can get to do it agin in years to come. Ciao. Posted by Picasa