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every once in a while i peruse through my top 25 just to get a general idea of what i listen to the most. it’s a pretty accurate survey of my listening trends, albeit an embarrasing one.

here’s the list from 1 to 25 respectively and an explanation if i feel the need to write one:

banana skit – M.I.A. (shouldnt count, its the 25 second skit)
Alec Eiffel – Pixies (best pixies song and it has my name almost)
Biology – Girls Aloud (the girliest most addictive song ever)
One for Ghost – J Dilla Donuts
yellow country teeth – clap your hands say yeah (it screams of hipster validation)
Jacqueline – Franz Ferdinand
Banquet – Bloc Party
Diplo Rhythm – Diplo, Pantera Os Danadinhos, Sandra Melody & Vybz Cartel
une annee sans lumiere – arcade fire (screams hipster validation)
Seeing Other People – Belle and Sebastian (the intro reminds me of charlie brown)
Shadowboxer – Fiona Apple
Devuelveme A Mi Chica – Hombres G (kick ass song, no qualms about this one)
Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson (you already know)
pull up the people – M.I.A.
Song With a Mission – The Sounds (they simply rule, they got on my top 25 prety fast)
hard to explain – the strokes
Got My Mind Made Up – 2Pac (makes me feel like a man, especially when juxtaposed to all these songs)
rebellion (lies) – the arcade fire
Fire Eye’d Boy – Broken Social Scene
Luchini (A.K.A. This Is It) -Camp Lo (classic)
Dipset Anthem – Cam’Ron & Juelz Santana (if u dont know you better ask somebody)
Under My Umbrella – Incubus
Lento – Julieta Venegas (i’d make her my wife if i could)
Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers
Great Day Today – Madvillain

in summary my list lacks testostorone. for all the hardcore, street rap i have on my ipod, this is what gets played most. aint that a bitch. but hey i suppose i’ll post a song from my list.

girls aloud – biology


hit me up in the comments to praise my taste or bash me for it.

like i said this is a work-in-progress. here are some other pictures from the night


the usual sausage party i’v grown accustomed to when going to a soccer game

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yep, it’s finally time for the World Cup. and we couldnt be any happier to represent where we’re from. come up along where we’re from, Ecuador son, ain’t nuttin nice.

Ecuador played Colombia on this fateful night of May 24. This should have been and easy game technically, seeing as though ECU made the WC and Colombia didnt. But guess what? Ecuador played like shit. Hopefully the’ll do better and the actual tourney. Posted by Picasa

i’m gonna try this blogging thing out for a second. So in typical fashion for myself, i’m doing it in the easiest, sorriest way possible: Blogger. Thanks a bunch to this lowest-common-denominator of “cyberspace” (i’m gonna use very corny terms along the way, just check the name of the blog for more proof of that).

i’ll see about posting music and photos an a whole bunch of other shit that i like and no one else cares for real soon….