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Spike Jonze, the man who brought you this:

and this (i love Bjork):

and this:

and this:

will be bringing us the big picture version the uber-famous Where The Wild Things Are, a book that I read-but-not-really-read because, after all, so how could 10-year-old immigrant learn how to read English that quickly?  it’s a fully illustrated book;  all you really needed to know was that the kid went to sleep and he saw some crazy stuff, man!

As if news of Jonze in charge of the flick wasn’t enough, two stills were released to the public some time ago, and they are truly impressive.  I’m pretty sure this comes out in 2009, and all I foresee (and hope) is that I could watch this with my niece Valentina, who might be too young for such imagery (i hope not, she just turned one year young), but i would hope she would enjoy anyhow.  Looks excellent.


Padres, Cubs, White Sox interested in Fukudome

NAGOYA, Japan — Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome told the Chunichi Dragons he will not return next season, saying he wants to make a move to the major leagues.

Fukudome, who became a free agent last month, informed the Central League club of his decision Tuesday.

“I won’t be playing for a Japanese club next season, I’ll play in the majors,” Fukudome said. “I appreciate the fans who supported me for nine years. I hope that the fans continue to root for me when they see me playing in the United States.”

Fukudome is regarded as one of the best outfielders in Japanese professional baseball. The 30-year-old was a key member of the Japan team that won the inaugural World Baseball Classic in March 2006.




(i’ve made very little mental progress since the 6th grade)

obviously i’ m likely waaaaaay off on the pronunciation, but i’m a postmodern boy, and I can deconstruct explanations as i see fit.

i might cop a Fukudome t-shirt if he goes to the Cubbies.

my previous favorite sports name is of course the one and only Houston Nutt;  which reminds me i’ve been meaning to make a shirt with his name on it. also on the list is TJ Houshmanzadeh.  and Chris Leak.  and Dick Butkus.  and Kaka.  and a couple of times on the NorthEast Corridor train one of the attendants had a last name Woodcock, but he wasn’t a professional ballplayer as far as I knew.

Other awesome names are Cruncy Black, Young Leak, Old Dirty Bastard, and Brotha Lynch Hung.  they are rappers, of course.  and Karl Hungus, who is a fictional porno actor in the movie The Big Lebowski.

  • i crashed the party in our fantasy football league.  My team scored a lot of points this season, but my record did not reflect it.  nonetheless, i barely made it into the playoffs and won my first round game in convincing fashion.  off to the final four round, i’m headed.
  • just in time to get my soccer fix comes the last round of Champions League group play.  Yes.  Barca, Lazio, Inter, Bremen, Lyon, PSV, and others will be in action today and tomorrow, and I’m putting my game face on (read: sitting on my ass with some junkfood and getting ready to yell “holy shit”, with pipe dreams that i’ll be heading to the gym after the games are over).
  • What a game that was between Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao last weekend.  1-0 los blancos, but Bilbao played one hell of a match.
  • The NY tackle football Giants seemed to have clinched the wildcard, albeit with some sloppy plays in between.  i’ll take what i can get.  i honestly thought we would be a bottom 10 team this year, but they always find a way to surprise.  now if we could only beat a good team…
  • if you have Gol TV, then you know Ray Hudson, a God among mere mortals.  whether if its passionate brown-nosing, erratic behaviour, alcohol-and-sex related outbursts, or what appears to be the sound of him choking on live television, it’s hard to hate the man.  Hudsonia chronicles the spectacle, in his very own words.  and if you ever wanted to play a Ray Hudson drinking game, well look no further.

but she’s a bad girl this time around!  i’m happy for her.  I loved Veronica Mars, but it was going nowhere in the CW;  probably wouldve been better off had  UPN stucka round longer.

her and the black girl are the most interesting thing going on in Heroes right now.

(EDITORIAL NOTE: i took the picture from a Heroes fansite,, who apparently even run gossip re: the show.  who knew peter patrelli and the cheerleader were dating?  i certainly didn’t!)

and, as a public service for the d-bags who don’t know naan about Rayden …

it’s hard not to be overjoyed by the new Radiohead album In Rainbows, although one of my first reactions was “i’ve been here before.”  I’ve been surrounded by hype, some created by me, some by others, for every Radiohead release since Kid A.  Every single time they’ve deserved their laurels, though every once in a while you have to come to a realization that every move taken by a band considered the greatest of our generation will be overrated and over-analyzed.

I came to this realization when Hail to the Thief was released.  I championed that album mostly because it wasnt Amnesiac.  I wanted them to sound like a band again, and not like some guitar riffs over sleek drum patterns and blips.  The truth is Amnesiac is superior, and while HTTF was very good in parts, it just didnt gel together, matter of fact it had a couple plain boring songs.

I even ignored Thom Yorke’s The Eraser, figuring it would just be too mellow.  To this day i’ve only heard a couple of songs, maybe soon I’ll introduce myself to it.

Well, yesterday I finally got around to listening ot Rainbows, and I was blown away.  as a complete package, it comes together very well.  not a single weak song.  some memorable songs, others play their part very well.  at times it sounds like Radiohead pretended to be an old R&B group with their approach to melodies.  and oh whats that?  they decided to rock out!!!

Simply put, their realized their sonic goals for HTTF and brought it home with this one.  The album sounds like the perfect blend of the band’s two best albums, OK Computer and Kid A.

Yes, I sound like an overhyped fanboy.  But I did listen to the album 3x in a row last night, and I wasnt sick of it in the least bit. 


bodysnatchers left the first real impression on me.  sure, the drums on 15 step were awesome, but this song was balls out excitement.  youll see why, if you havent heard the album yet.

which brings up th issue of In Rainbows as a social phenomenom.  Not often do we do many things together on a global scale.  We might take a piss or go out drinking around the same time, but thats hardly a shared experience;  taking a piss at the same time as other people in the world is purely coincidental, while going to a bar is common, but normally is done with a group of your own with sometimes no intention of interaction with fellow club/bar hoppers.  People “preordered” the Radiohead album in the 10 days since the initial announcement, and hundreds, thousands of them listened to the album at the same time.  Surely people were keeping track of their and noticing that all your listening peers were doing the same.  Others visited their mp3 blog of choice to comment on the album while giving it their first respective spins. 

I’m not sure what Radiohead’s goals (fiancial or otherwise) were when planning this marketing strategy, but i’m convinced the shared experience is something they were indeed going for.  They “sold” 1.2 million album on the first day.  that’s so sick.


Radiohead’s new album In Rainbows is coming on October 10, and you can choose the price of the album.  Or you can choose to pay absolutely nothing for the album.  Whatever you want. This is not a lie (or at least not yet).

It is will be available as a 10-track DRM-free download for two months through their official website.  A proper release is scheduled for god-knows-when next year, but i dont give a crap;  I’m getting new Radiohead music next week.

So far the whole talk is that they’re avoiding the traditional promo route (no advances, reviews, etc.).  But this is a promotional strategy, as it is commonly practiced these days, except it has never been so totally legal up until now.  Only a band like Radiohead can pull off something like this.

I’m debating how much I want to pay.  One dollar sounds about right for my cheap ass, or should I wait until it “leaks?”  For those that want to play a penny, there is a catch (as there always is):  there is a $1 credit card fee.  So there, you can pay $1.01 for what could be a really awesome album. 

I wonder how much money they will make of this?

Joba Chamberlain played such a key role in the Yank’s 2007 campaign for the post-season.  It is far from over, but the Bombers have reason to celebrate. 

I made a total of two Yankee-related posts: one where I proclaimed A-Rod a god among men, and one where I chronicled the kind of season the Yanks were having, the infamous stolen home plate game.

Since then things took a turn.  If memory serves me correct, a game or two later, A-Rod involved himself in the now notorious incident while rounding third base against the Blue Jays.  He yelled something at Howie Clark, causing the third baseman to drop a routine pop out, and adding to the fuel for the remainder of the season.

The Yankees would climb from the hole they dug for themselves.  They reached .500 by the All Star Game, and would have the best record in baseball since the midseason classic.  Not bad.  As a matter of fact, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

But how can you not love this guy?  Any time a young guy makes valuable contributions to your team, everyone takes notice.  Best of all, it becomes infectious.  Melky and Cano did it before, and Joba followed suit.  We’ll see far this momentum takes us.

The MLB playoffs start next week.

you’d think he’d know better than to get himself in trouble with the law, let alone completely immerse himself in a casino break-in.

Paraphrasing from the LA Times:

O.J. Simpson was under investigation today in an alleged armed robbery at a casino hotel room involving sports memorabilia, but the former football star denied breaking into the room or carrying a weapon…

…Simpson said he was conducting a sting operation to collect his belongings when he was led to the room at the Palace Station casino. Police said he was a suspect in a break-in at the hotel…

…Many of Simpson’s sports collectibles, including his Heisman Trophy, were seized under court order and auctioned to pay some of the $33.5 million judgment awarded to the Goldman family and the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson…

…Simpson said he was accompanied by several men he met at a wedding cocktail party and they took the collectibles, which included his Hall of Fame certificate and a picture of the running back with J. Edgar Hoover.

If he got away with that, it would have been incredible. and LMAO that he calls it a sting operation.  And that J Edgar’s name gets dropped in this scandal makes this more slightly over the top.

I dont feel like posting a pic of the Juice, but here’s his well-circulated, very hilarious “interview” from a month back:


for those of you who have experienced the awesomeness that is Superbad, you already know the movie was a few notches above excellent.  Only the experience of seeing the 40 year old virgin in theater comes close, not coincidently another Judd Apatow project.  Michael Cera’s delivery was on-point, and you felt a connection with all the characters’ worries (albeit petty concerns on a superficial level)

The easiest label to annoint a movie like this is “gross out comedy.”  We’ve see this before with the American Pie series and Scary Movie series.  The simple premise for movies like these is to hire a cast of young good looking thespians and put them in comedic sexual situations that hopefully will get cannonized in our short term memories, a not-so-hard- feat seeing as all we really do is think about sex.  All of these roundabout scenes should connote a coming of age story to put a more nostalgic notion to an otherwise disposable product.  Few have worked in this sense, like the first American Pie movie, and now Superbad.

How those involved in the moviemaking process develop the idea of “gross” is purely on them.  In AP, they went as far as making a protagonist drink some man-milk right before he was gonna get laid.  Pretty funny stuff.  Scary Movie used tactics like tucking in your junk.  In Superbad, most what could be considered gross-out is done through dialogue.

This is where I can’t justfiably consider this movie a gross out comedy, but instead a collection of vignettes and anecdotes set to an above-average Friday night.  To say the movie has a plot is comical at best; three boys try to score some alcohol in order to show up to a party and maybe experience some sort of sexual satisfaction.  That’s it if you want to look at it that way.  A more satisfying (if not complex) way to look at it would be a group of friends and associates discussing embarassing moments from their adolescent phase, probably making some up and augmenting others, and putting it together in a concise package for mass distribution.  That the package was deemed worthy enough for consumption  proves many execs saw a lot of promise in any and all marketing plans for the movie.

Their seemed to be a lot of artistic honesty in the dialogue.  Often I found myself relating to what was being discussed, like hiding an erection with the elastic part of your undies.  Or debating your respective preferences in porn you like.  I remember a lot of my friends made fun of one friend of ours because he liked man vs woman porn rather than a lesbian sex romp.  By our thinly defined standards, we viewed his preference in watching “normal” hetero porn as him wanting to see dick.  In superbad, one of the characters needs to see it because it just doesnt seem right for dick to be missing in the porn equation.  I’m sure this topic has been debated in many forms,  but i’ve never included/intruded myself in another clique’s discussion of the subject.  So (to me at least) there’s a voyeiristic thrill to this movie.

There’s way more to discuss about this movie from a pure entertainment viewpoint (MacLovin, I’m sorry I blocked your cock).  But i just rather not.  it’s much more fun to quote the movie or discuss sexual experiences with someone in front of you.  Our country’s population is a pretty prude, reserved bunch.  That’s whay we laugh like little bitches watching a movie like this one.  Hopefully this kind of open dialogue can help us all just a little bit.