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it’s saturday night at about 4 thirty in the morning and i cant sleep. so i figured i should do this since ive bee putting it off all week. i have tons of energy right now since i went through what might have been about 5 cups of Pepsi and watched “the long kiss goodnight.” what a fantastic movie. everytime i see it all sorts of feminist film theory and postmodern rants circle through my brain.

anyhoo, my day has been sort of a bummer. i was supposed to go see the rutgers homecoming football game today, but unfortunately my plains were ruined. i did watch it at the bar with my cousin boleto, where i would take steps on becoming a bit intoxicated and would go on to pass out sometime around 9 pm. rutgers kicked ass whoo hoo!!!! i’ll show up to next week’s game.

on to the real point to this. what i did last weekend….

i’ve been writing for a local newspaper and was asked to cover the opening of a new roller skating rink. the town members showed up and tons of kids were the playing hockey. they invited a former NJ Devils player whose name i cant recall at this moment to conduct a hockey clinic to teach the little runts some fundamentals. they needed them. they could play but couldnt control their skating worth of shit.

this was nice of the mascot. the goalie didnt really have much to do, especially with all that equipment he’s wearing. so the mascot, named simply “NJ”, took some shots against him.

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later on that day me and boleto went down to philly to see one of his friends, Cesar, who was on a business trip from Florida.

We would not see Cesar for hours, since this day would be tainted by a series of unfortunate events, terrible decisions, and just plain bad luck. as exemplified by the picture, we brought beer to the train. i’m a lightweight. i need to go pee pee pretty much after 2-3 beers. and these were those 24 ounce cans. i had like 4 of them in a span of 1.5 hours.

before that however, we got on the wrong train. so i wasted us a good hour. and i also found that i had deleted all audio from the interviews i conducted earlier that day. not a great way to start the trip.


did i mention i needed to pee really bad? the attendant at the train from trenton to philly would not tell me how long it was from where we were to our final destination, so i decided i needed to go on the next stop to use the bathroom. it puzzles me whay she couldnt give me a simple answer. so we stopped in holmesburg, PA.

thats me giving the finger to the philly eagles. i hate the birds. this area is a real shit hole. really nothing to do. at a deli nearby we would find out we were actually IN philadelphia, but a suburb of the main city. only THREE stops from 30th street station.

a picture worthy of a thousand words.

here’s my proof! if you loot at the line coming from trenton, holmesburg seems like forever from philly. and i had to go bad. no restrooms on this train!

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phinally in philly!

looking at this picture, i could trim down a little bit. maybe it’s the shirt?

philly is a pretty city. a lot of good looking people around. it looks a tad bohemian. nice shops. lots of energy. shouldve taken more pictured of the city itself, but we were strapped for time. maybe some other time…

we finally find cesar. actually, he found us. stopped by on south street to grab a brew. all bars looked packed in the middle of the afternoon.

cesar and boleto @ geno’s. you cant go to philly and not enjoy a cheesesteak. except for me. i’m a vegetarian. i had cheese fries. for what its worth, they were the best cheese fries i ever had in my life.

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all good things must come to an end, but not so soon. we used cesar’s gps system from his rental car to get to his hotel outside of philly. a twenty minute trip turned into an epic 2 hour tour through the backstreets of who-knows-where.

fun day though.