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  • the Yanks are tied for dead last in the AL East, 14.5 games back from the first-place BoSox.  Ideally players, media, and fans really have to keep Boston from their minds.  They are playing in a different plateu;  the Yanks should think about getting to 2nd place first, and the Wild Card should they be so fortunate.
  • Their offense is nonexistant.  Pettite gave it his all for seven and a third innings and the star-studded yanks were shut down yet again.
  • The Blue Jays stole home plate against the Yanks last night.  I can’t even remember the last time I saw that play.  I know I’ve seen a triple play sometime this year.  And Youkilis hit an inside the park HR the other night.

So as a “tribute” to that key play last night. I’m posting it.  NO disrespect for the Yanks, but they kind of deserve something like this to happen to them.  This should be a wake-up call of sorts.

on another Yankee-related note: The New York Post published a photograph of Alex Rodriguez with a “mystery blonde” in Toronto.  Apparently, the rendezvous included a steak dinner, a strip club, and a private afterparty at a hotel.  Seeing as how the Yankees are struggling, I can’t picture the Post letting go of this story anytime soon.  You know how the NY media loves their A-Rod!  I can see the commentary already: if only A-Rod were as smart as Jeter and kept his discretions discreet!



As if the new Batman movie Dark Knight wasn’t going to kick ass already, here’s the first official picture of the Joker.

Some people put Jack Nicholson’s interpretation of the Joker in high regard, but given Ledger’s past performances (not to mention Chris Nolan’s direction), this character is definitely right up his alley and WILL exceed old Jack’s performance.

This movie will be out in the summer of 2008.

this past night i did a couple of things:

  1. went to the ecuador/ireland game (if i get pictures i’ll post them; they tied 1-1)
  2. drank a little bit after the game.
  3. looked up stuff on the innanet.

and low and behold I came across this incubus clip from a couple of weeks back.  and got dammit I enjoyed it.  Which reminds me that a) light grenades was a pretty good album, b) i’ll definitely check for them on their summer tour, and c) I’m still an Incubus fanboy.


Seventeen-year-old rapper Lil Mama has been making a name for herself these last couple of months.  She is currently enjoying success from her song “lip gloss,” a track championed by numerous blogs for what i believe to be its cuteness factor (and its just a very catchy song.)

Also unbelievably catchy is her remix of “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne.  Lil Mama takes the drum break (the best part of the song) and compliments the track with her strong flow.  Lil Mama accomplishes something unique:  she takes (arguably) the best song of the year, strips it down even further, and improves upon it.


 and for the uninitiated, lil mama’s “lip gloss.”

the song was swiped from idolator


for the last 8-10 weeks or so I stuck it out with 24, a show that even its absurdities lacked some entertainment value.  I have been a fan from day 1 (haha) and promised to finish what I started this season, knowing full well that there is a much better show at the same time on another channel (Heroes). 

So the arc of much of the season revolved around nuclear bombs exploding in California, and the pursuit of the terrorists involved.  It was a dull, lifeless plot that tried to touch on subjects of xenophobia to family relations.  One thing we do learn is that Jack Bauer’s family are a messed-up bunch.  His brother (Graem) is a moron who has always resented Jack, and his father (Philip) is pretty much Evil Jack Bauer, just as smart and cunning but ultimately just looking out for his own back and protecting some “legacy” of the Bauer family which he intends in nurturing though the kidnapping of his grandson (Josh, Graem’s “son”, who may really be Jack’s) and starting anew in China.  Philip Bauer makes deals both with the US government and the Chinese in order to get what he wants.

It is Josh Bauer who in fact says the titular line above and it really sums up the entire season.  When he said “my grandfather is crazy,” I literally laughed out loud and thought just how apprpriate that line is.  I mean, he is crazy.  HE’S THE ENTIRE REASON THAT SEASON EVEN EXISTED, SO TO SPEAK.  We were given the whole gamut of possible terrorists (Arabs, Chinese, Russians) and it was all really Jack’s nutty dad that was accountable for the actions of Day 6, and it was Josh, not Jack, who dealt the final blow on old Philip’s goals.

In the last few episodes the story stopped dealing with the nuclear attacks in California and focused on the interception of a component that would give the Chinese information on Russian weapons and military secrets (i think that’s what was happening anyway).  It was a more entertaining plotline and would serve as a vehicle to how far this show could go on without the presence of Jack Bauer.

The answer to this question is of course a resounding NO.  Many times throughout the season Jack would be apprehended by CTU to avoid his involvement in investigations (of course they would need him later, and he would comply because he loves this country so much).  But his loyalty to his very fractured country paralled his very fractured family/friends and just as messed up place of work, CTU.  He stays on path to salvage the only 3 things he loves, ultimately succeeding with one notable exception.  Audrey, who apparently went to China to look for Jack when the rest of his family, friends, and country left him for dead, was captured by the Chinese and tortured.  How long the effects of said torture are unknown, leaving Jack feeling responsible since he believes everything he loves turns to crap. 

That’s pretty much the season in a nutshell.  It was a very shaky season that ended strong as usual.  You pretty much get the feeling the writers kind of know how to start it, definitely know how to finish it, and wing it for about 17 of the episodes that take up the middle pact of the 24-episode season.  This is when you think that maybe these guys could pull off a 24 movie, hopefully not one that attempts the whole “real time” angle of the television series;  that idea has been flawed from around the second season.  It could be called “Jack Bauer is a badass and will kill you” or something like that. 

Back to the finale.  I wish this show would end, but it’s clear the writers know what they’re doing for at least the last episodes of the season, making the payoff ultimately satisfying to 24 fans (maybe not the general audience, which is something the network should just consider).  But alas, there was the guarantee at the end of the episode that there would indeed be another season of 24, and Jack will probably be in it.  With that said it was good to see the writers somewhat pander to the 24 faithful.  Here are some thoughts.

  • great to see Buchanan come to the help of Jack.  Ever since Tony Almeida’s death,  he has become my favorite character.  He understands Jack’s ways.  They have a quasi-homoerotic relationship.
  • Karen Hayes was cool as the bleeding heart liberal National Security Advisor.  You can tell she really resented conservative agenda, but wanted to sleep with Tom Lennox, sort of like a grotesque revenge fantasy? 
  • I hope Wayne Palmer is dead.  Vice president Daniels was even kissing his ass in the last episode.  It can’t work out for him.
  • What the hell was that conversation with Milo’s brother and Nadia?  Did he want her, too?  No big surprise there, since she’s very hot.
  • Chloe is preggers, and I don’t think it’s Morris’.
  • Jack will probably be back, but i can no longer watch this show.  its too much of a commiment every week. 


The Black and White cookie, one of my favorite snacks of all time, is oddly enough not even a cookie at all, in the traditional sense.  it’s a cake;  its fluffiness and mouth-drying texture are signifiers to it being not-at-all a cookie.  the only cookie-like quality it retains is its round, flat shape.  It tastes pretty good with chocolate milk.  matter of fact, this is what i had for lunch today.

in true american form, the very idea of the black and white cookie conveys its divisive nature;  it almost challenges you to choose a side, which one do you prefer?  The Black or the White?  Jerry Seinfeld once commented about the cookie as “two races of flavor living side by side,” offering up a sort of cynicism of American Utopia (can we all just get along?)  Clearly, he was just joking.  It is impossible top eat the B & W cookie without having an opinion on which side tastes the best.

Upon eating my lunch this was the very idea that concerned me.  Every time I consume the yummyness that is the B & W cookie, I am reaffirmed with the opinion that the White half is the best.  Now, I know that all I’m discussing here is a sweet, but for all intents and purposes this opinion twists my whole world around.  In any comparison of things black and white, I (almost without hesitation) always bet on black, so to speak.

better music: black or white?

i have always supported the notion of black people being innovators in the arts, while whites appropriate these styles to make them their own.  not a knock against my white brethren, who although not technically creating rock & roll, have become the face of rock music all while continually pushing the genre.  but if the question was rap versus rock,  the answer is as simple as reciting the words to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice:”  blacks all the way baby.

better athletes: black or white?

totally subjective topic, but the fact of the matter is the impact of black athletes in professional sports is still today like no other issue that has affected sports.

while there are certain merits and some justification to the wide-eyed appreciation of white basketball players before blacks would be heavily involved in the league,  the choice can be compacted into name dropping.  Jordan.  Hakeem.  Shaq.  Kobe.  Dr. J.  Oscar Robertson.  Lebron.  Whoever.  All these people have contributed to the globalization and increased profitability of the sport.

Tiger Woods, who is certainly not white, is the dominant player in any sport.

Barry Bail Bonds is going to break the record, people!  Admittedly, steroids is a non issue to me and I am not convinced that just by taking steroids Barry has been able to do what he has done.  If so, then Jason Giambi will be playing 10 more years chasing the record himself.

The English Premier League benefits from the black talent the league showcases week by week, something other international leagues of the world’s greatest sport still do not embrace

black chicks or white chicks:

This is clearly a matter of reference.  but just looking at the entertainment industry we can make some definite comparisons.  The hottest chick in the game by far in Beyonce. The hottest white chick is …. AngelinaJolie?  Jessica Biel?  Some random porn star would probably be a better match-up against the like of Beyonce, but it doesn’t come close to Bey’s grip on the title of hottest chick on the planet.


no even worthy of discussion.

tastier part of the B & W cookie?

for whatever reason the black fudge is always creamier in contrast to the hardened frost of the white … frost (icing?)?  the black part comes off almost like a cupcake, which is definitely not a good thing (just thinking of those crappy cupcakes i used to eat during someone’s birthday in grade school makes me want to hurl just a tad).  The white part is frosted icing, almost invoking snow (in my humble, moronic opinion).  it’s texture compliments the cakey cookie.

so to tally up:  black wins in some important cultural institutions, except the B & W cookie.  Such an inconsistency in my life obviously is mindboggling, and it inspired the most pointless, yet poignant post of my life.


From the man who has brought us the triangle offense:

L.A. Times –
With time running out on their season, the Lakers assembled for practice Monday morning and experienced a much shorter session than expected.

Phil Jackson gathered the team in the video room, showed a brief clip from the movie “Hustle & Flow,” and bluntly informed the players that they absolutely didn’t hustle on defense and showed little or no flow on offense in their Game 4 loss to Phoenix.Then he sent them home to ponder the 3-1 deficit they’ve created for themselves.

In other words, they might want to start hustling or else they’ll flow right out of the playoffs.

Of course this begs the question, what clip did he show?

The “Whoop that trick” scene would be the best, but it doesn’t seem like Phil’s style.  I love that song.

Another great one would be when DeeJay starts stomping Ludacris’ ass, giving the Lake-show inspiration to do the same to the Suns.

But it’s been obvious Phil would rather spend his time pondering philosophy, reading dumb books and watching movies than actually coaching.  He gets paid 10 million a year for this.

UPDATE:  The Lakers were eliminated last night.  What a Moron.