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Rutgers lost to UNC 44-12 in Piscataway last night. 

This team has absolutely no identity.  Teel can move the ball up the field early in the game but can’t bring us to the promised land.  We’re playing the running back position by comittee (Jourdan Brooks looked impressive), a far cry from Ray rice’s dominance of the past couple of years.

It’s probably too early to panic, but could we possibly see a different option on QB.  It’s abvious Schiano has no other plays set for Jabu Lovelace (and for god’s sake can we see him in a formation alongside Teel?).   How about DC Jefferson?  You did recruit him out the gate.  Doesn’t Chris Paul Etienne have some snaps under his belt?

0-2 is an awful way too start, especially when hopes were high in the preseason.  Any bowl consideration should be thrown out the window, the team is just not good enough in it’s current incarnation.  They should focus on just gettng better and finding rhythm on offense.  the defense ain’t shit either, but they’re spending way too much time on the field.

edit:  that is not to say North Carolina didn’t do the damn thing last night.  i’m looking forward to seeing them in ACC play this year.  Virginia Tech comes to Chapel Hill next week, maybe we’re seeing a rejuvinated Tar Heel team.

edit #2:  oddly enough there was one moment during the game that gave me much pleasure, or should i say i wasnt pouting like a muthafuka getting drunk as hell.  after Teel threw his interception around the end of the first half, ESPN was looking towards the crowd for fan reaction.  one student looks directly at the camera for what feels like 2 minutes, and greets the national audience as only a bratty New Jerseyan possibly could: