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much like other internet trolls, i gawk at hot news reporters/weather chicks.  and a time-tested fact is there’s no better place to get your perv on than Latino news programs.

i know there’s no way to sound creepy while writing one of these douchy diatribes, but i’ll do my best to keep it subtle.  Mary Gamarra is by far the hottest chick doing this whole “telling the weather and looking damn good talking in front of a camera” game.  the reasons and visual evidence:

  • she’s classy
  • she’s classy
  • she’s classy and looks very fit

hello, not many people in this world can wear a dress like that and not totally skank it up, in public or in television.  she seems accessible (i’m probably fooling myself here), like i might have a chance with her (haha).  the consensus seems to be that Jackie Guerido is the baddest chick in the meteorologist game.  but in my humble opinion, there’s stench of snottiness with her good looks.  plus we all cant be like Don Omar and have easy access to her.  plus i don’t like her more recent bangs.  and she looks like she can let herself go in a few years.  I can picture a whole bunch of ho-males like the ones in Hot Chicks and Douche Bags following her around and leaving their nasty stench on her, leaving her even more repellent. 

back to Mary.  i want her to have my children.

On a similar note, i’ve noticed Karla Ramirez is one of the hosts in that awful morning program Despierta America.  For those Who don’t know, Karla used to host Control, another Univision show, about 7 years ago, i think.  and she looks great.  supposively she had a kid.  good for her!


i didnt watch any of the two games,  so admittedly i dont even know their quality of futbol.  but i do know this.  they lost 1-0 to venezuela, one of the worst teams in South America.  and they were crushed by Brazil by a score of 5-0.  it doesnt take a genius to understand that both score represent general diappointment and negative signs of what’s to come.

i know its only the first week of world cup qualifiers in South America, and there’s about 2.5  more years of this, but i’ll be looking at all their games with caution.

UPDATE:  I just saw the highlights for the Ecuador-Brasil game.  some of those goals are just remarkable, particular Ronaldinho’s effort, and Kaka’s shot.  Goal #s 2 and 5 are just pathetic on the part of Ecuador.

and take note on the oh-so-fine babe presenting the highlights.  I think i’m in lust.

UPDATE #2:   a more in-depth highlight real.  Brasil was just toying with Ecuador.  it was basically a practice drill out there.  Woe is me.