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last week’s NY Giants victory was for your trash-talking brother Ronde.  This week is dedicated to you. 

You probably dont care too much, you have a cushy job at NBC and will probably say the Giants deserved yesterday’s victory.but you did yap your mouth re: Eli not being a leader.  the verdicts out on that, i admit, but i couldnt help but think about your lack of class for those preseason comments.

the Giants are in the NFC Championship game.  how about that?  i myself didnt think it was possible early on in the season.

Hopefully next week they’ll show up again.  Win or loss, it is still a remarkable turnaround for their late-season slump, up until that New England game.  just the thought of a postseason game at Lambeau Field seems appropriate.  what an atmosphere that will be.

Oh by the way, you picked the dullest outfit on Project Runway, Tiki.  you should’ve gone with the 3-piece suit.




surely if you follow the NFL and if you’re the type of fan that can’t follow any other sport during the offseason, then your familiar with junior Reids’ fiascos.  On the same day last January, they were both busted on separate traffic violations.  Andy Reid made it public he was taking a sabbatical to deal with this situation re: his family.  Very commendable on his part.  As a fan of the Giants, even I had to respect the way a rival coach attempted to deal with his personal trials.

But unfortunately, his sons are on some other shit.

That judge came down on them, and he criticized the Reid household, calling it a “drug emporium.”  OUCH!

“There isn’t any structure there that this court can depend upon,” Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill said before sentencing Reid’s son Britt to up to 23 months in jail plus probation.

“I’m saying this is a family in crisis,” O’Neill said.

Earlier Thursday, O’Neill sentenced Garrett Reid, a drug addict and dealer who said he got a thrill out of selling drugs in “the ‘hood,” to up to 23 months in jail for smashing into another motorist’s car while high on heroin.

It gets worse.  Especially for Garret.

His addiction persists, according to authorities, who found 89 prescription drug pills in Reid’s jail cell Thursday morning. They believe he smuggled them in his rectum when he was jailed earlier this week.

Selling drugs “in the hood” and smuggling product up his ass?  The Reid brothers probably watch too much The Wire (but who can blame them, it’s the best show in TV history, right next to I love Lucy.)  Those dubasses are like a dumberer version of Ziggy from season 2, but privilaged.  SMH.

i dont know if that’s even the correct phrasing for what im trying to covey.  maybe it’s a good thing the internet is around to make me realize how much of a dufus i am.

Sasha Frere Jones is a writer for the New Yorker who recentlly posted an article entitled “A Paler Shade of White,” where he argues (or comes to terms with, maybe?) indie rock’s lack of Jamaican and/or Black American influence, considering rock and roll’s roots in Black history.  Pretty good article.  In his blog, he also links Lester Bangs’ seminal confessional “The White Noise Supremacists,” an article that left such an impression on me during my more formative years; it’s still such a treat for me to read after all these years.  Essentially, S/FJ harks back to the Bangs article and includes his unique, eloquent understanding of our scene.

Reading the comments of said article on okayplayer, and i come to find out S/FJ is a white guy.  i wasnt convinced, thinking to myself this was just message board chatter.  So i took my ass to google images to find out what the real is (i did the same with Julianne Shepherd about two years ago, since just by reading her stuff i had a crush on her and i had to know what she looked like).  this is what i found:

this is a picture of him a couple of years back.  he’s the one standing next to the RZA.

What!!!!!  A White Guy!!!!!  I read his writings every now and then, and never in my mind did I believe this guy was anything but a black man (his name, maybe?  the nature of his writing?).  initially, i thought he was a girl (Sasha, duh), but i kinda found out right away he was a dude.

sorry, S/FJ.  I know your race should not be a big deal at all.  your writing rocks, man!


I wanted to drink Sparks.  I was curious, never having drank it before.  But gotdamn, I had like 4 of those bad boys last night (and a shot of vodka, inexplicably).

it’s now 6:20 in the morning and i’m towed up.

it won’t be a good day, i’m sure of that one thing.

i think i have been up since 5:30 because i dont know what to do with myself.  i drank a few of those yesterday, watched a bit of “Akira,” went to my sister’s place to watch the Yankee victory (1.5 games behind now!).  i know on my way home i bought some club soda, i’m looking at it right now, so that means i felt it’s totalitarian power last night, Sparks that is.  went to bed relatively early.

i have to stop treating my body like a science experiment.  i’ve come to the conclusion i’m indestructible like Bruce Willis in “unbreakable,” i might feel the pain, but i’ll never die or break a bone or something to the effect.

marc ecko purchased Barry Bail Bonds # 756.

marc ecko, whose clothes used to be cool when i was 16, thinks he’s funny.

marc ecko, a former Rutgers School of Pharmacy student (maybe drop-out? i think he left school to make clothes, which was a great move),  started a poll.  What should he do with a ball he paid like $750K ?  Should he donate it to the Hall of Fame, brand an asterik on it, or launch it into outer space?

marc ecko, his bitterness reeks of a Mets fan.

marc ecko, who’s obsessed with the rhino, maybe should have donated all that money to the preservation of the beautiful animal.

you’d think he’d know better than to get himself in trouble with the law, let alone completely immerse himself in a casino break-in.

Paraphrasing from the LA Times:

O.J. Simpson was under investigation today in an alleged armed robbery at a casino hotel room involving sports memorabilia, but the former football star denied breaking into the room or carrying a weapon…

…Simpson said he was conducting a sting operation to collect his belongings when he was led to the room at the Palace Station casino. Police said he was a suspect in a break-in at the hotel…

…Many of Simpson’s sports collectibles, including his Heisman Trophy, were seized under court order and auctioned to pay some of the $33.5 million judgment awarded to the Goldman family and the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson…

…Simpson said he was accompanied by several men he met at a wedding cocktail party and they took the collectibles, which included his Hall of Fame certificate and a picture of the running back with J. Edgar Hoover.

If he got away with that, it would have been incredible. and LMAO that he calls it a sting operation.  And that J Edgar’s name gets dropped in this scandal makes this more slightly over the top.

I dont feel like posting a pic of the Juice, but here’s his well-circulated, very hilarious “interview” from a month back:

  • the Yanks are tied for dead last in the AL East, 14.5 games back from the first-place BoSox.  Ideally players, media, and fans really have to keep Boston from their minds.  They are playing in a different plateu;  the Yanks should think about getting to 2nd place first, and the Wild Card should they be so fortunate.
  • Their offense is nonexistant.  Pettite gave it his all for seven and a third innings and the star-studded yanks were shut down yet again.
  • The Blue Jays stole home plate against the Yanks last night.  I can’t even remember the last time I saw that play.  I know I’ve seen a triple play sometime this year.  And Youkilis hit an inside the park HR the other night.

So as a “tribute” to that key play last night. I’m posting it.  NO disrespect for the Yanks, but they kind of deserve something like this to happen to them.  This should be a wake-up call of sorts.

on another Yankee-related note: The New York Post published a photograph of Alex Rodriguez with a “mystery blonde” in Toronto.  Apparently, the rendezvous included a steak dinner, a strip club, and a private afterparty at a hotel.  Seeing as how the Yankees are struggling, I can’t picture the Post letting go of this story anytime soon.  You know how the NY media loves their A-Rod!  I can see the commentary already: if only A-Rod were as smart as Jeter and kept his discretions discreet!


From the man who has brought us the triangle offense:

L.A. Times –
With time running out on their season, the Lakers assembled for practice Monday morning and experienced a much shorter session than expected.

Phil Jackson gathered the team in the video room, showed a brief clip from the movie “Hustle & Flow,” and bluntly informed the players that they absolutely didn’t hustle on defense and showed little or no flow on offense in their Game 4 loss to Phoenix.Then he sent them home to ponder the 3-1 deficit they’ve created for themselves.

In other words, they might want to start hustling or else they’ll flow right out of the playoffs.

Of course this begs the question, what clip did he show?

The “Whoop that trick” scene would be the best, but it doesn’t seem like Phil’s style.  I love that song.

Another great one would be when DeeJay starts stomping Ludacris’ ass, giving the Lake-show inspiration to do the same to the Suns.

But it’s been obvious Phil would rather spend his time pondering philosophy, reading dumb books and watching movies than actually coaching.  He gets paid 10 million a year for this.

UPDATE:  The Lakers were eliminated last night.  What a Moron.