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i had a seriously fun time at MIA’s show in Brooklyn.  There’s no reason to post a setlist, because whats the point.  The only way a show like hers can falter is if the DJ can’t switch records effectively.  You pretty much expect to see all the songs you’ve heard before and all the new ones that’ve been made public.

Some of the songs previously unheard by me sounded great.  It’s gonna be a great dance record for sure.  And she looked awesome;  I was reminded why I had a crush on her over 2 years ago.  She looked good in her cop hat (i’m sure there’s a specific term for the type of hat, but like hell I know it.) 

The club was so crowded.  Some people got in as early as 9:30 i think and she didnt hit stage until maybe after midnight.  But the DJ held it down with pretty much all the songs you would expect to hear at a venue like this (some bonde do role, strokes and interpol, some old school hip hop and electro)

One complaint.  Maybe she shouldnt be performing “Bird Flu” to close out a set.  I’m afraid as bad as people dance, that beat shows no mercy on them and they don’t even bother to try for the most part.  I’d suggest opening with it (hopefull she reads me and considers my humble suggestion). She did come back to do “boyz” and “galang”, which was just awesome.

Couldn’t take any pictures, but i probably wouldnt have bothered anyhow.  The show was too much fun to even think a bout anything else than the music and the people around you.  The photo above was taken from the pitchfork site.  More pictures from last night can be found at their news section.


For those of you who have absolutely no lives (like myself) you may have seen The Devil Wears Prada more than many times in the last few weeks.  My general understanding of other guys’ reaction towards the movie has been positive; although i’m making a blanket statement here, i would say without hesitation that a lot of dudes liked the movie.  Personally, i thought it was great.  I liked the story well enough, (even though it had its flaws.  for example, are we suppose to sympathize with Vinny Chase because his girlfriend is trying to get ahead in her career?  I hated his character) and the ensemble Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, and especially Merryl Streep gave pretty awesome performances.  

But the movie is not at all the focus of my rambling here.  The film opens with the pre-work day rituals of numerous NYC women, one of them the messy, casual Hathaway.  We are taken through the motions of doing one’s hair, picking the right outfit, and sorting nutritional choices to get the day started.  They walk out of their homes, their geography used a device to signify cultural and economic stature.  One is to believe everyone who works in the big bad city is either a model-chic type or totally unprepared for the challenge that is New York Living.  The scene is backed by KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See.”

The song in question is perfect for the opening.  It has an upbeat feel that many listeners of lite radio stations (something of a standard in offices throughout New Jersey, sadly) would normally wake up to.   The song is in fact a hit in such stations;  not often is a (relatively) new song allowed to enter their already narrow playlists that span the last few decades.  The lyrics also foretell the premise of the movie, if vaguely.   We see the Anne Hathaway character, Andy,  preparing herself for a job interview, and we hear Tustall wail with optimistic tenacity, “suddently I see, this is where I want to be!”  That we don’t know exactly where this place is, specifically, is appropriate; many of us who are familiar with the job hunting landscape are well aware it is not a conquered science, no matter what some writers of interview and resume books tell you, (they write books about jobsearching for a reason; otherwise thay would just be working like the rest of us) but the benefits are exotic in the fact that you might be moving up in the world, so to speak.  It is indeed all of this that Andy finds;  she is excited and nervous, knowing its either working for a fashion mag or an auto rag if nothing else falls in place.

The song’s effect on American popular culture did not end there.  According to all-knowing-and never-deceitful wikipedia:

It was also the farewell music for female contestants eliminated from the television show So You Think You Can Dance, featured on the season finale of the MTV show The Hills, at the end of a Ghost Whisperer season two episode, for promotional clips of The Amazing Race: All Stars, and the series premiere of Ugly Betty. KT also performed the song live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The song was one of the candidates for Hillary Clinton’s campaign song.

That’s quite the list of appearances.  That such a ubiquitous song has escaped me until a few weeks back is astounding.  I think the only song of Tunstall’s i’ve heard is one where she coos “whoo hoo” at the end of almost every stanza (more than that crappy Gwen Stefani song).  A song not impressive at all, which i also found interesting considering every time i went to a major retailer like Best Buy I would tons of her CDs.  Little did I know it was the other song that was the main attraction.

What i’m trying to say if you couldn’t figure it out is that I like the song.  Worst of all, i would consider it as that often-abused classification of a guilty pleasure.  I HATE THAT TERM!!!  Normally I feel when someone calls a song “a guilty pleasure,” they are not totally honest to themselves.  When people say that a Britney song is their guilty pleasure, I normally feel a slight disgust towards them.  I would think to myself, “but Britney is GOOD; her songs are supposed to be hits; how can you NOT like Toxic?”  But to me “Suddenly I see” brings up feelings of embarrassment whenever I enjoy it.  All of those programs the song was included in are things I tend to ignore for snobby reasons.  They are not part of my pass-times.

I want to sing the song whenever I hear it.  I don’t know the lyrics, but if I hear it enough times, I’ll probably pick it up.

I’m too emabarrassed to even download it.   I have Rod Stewart, Baby AKA Birdman, some early Madonna, and a lot of Incubus on my I-Tunes.  THE BRAVERY ARE ON MY TOP 25 MOST PLAYED FOR FUCKS SAKE!  But i’m afraid that one day in front of a lot of people “Suddenly I see” might pop up on Shuffle.

It’s not often I feel that way about a song.  I feel like a loser frankly.  The kind of loser who’ll catch Devil Wears Prada anytime it’s time.

Ecuador – they really blew it.  I mean they sucked major bolsa.  It’s so amazing to see a team falter so bad in a tournament.  my brother insists that copa america is not really important – he’s probably right considering brasil didnt have their big guns in the pitch – but you still have to show up ready to play.  nevertheless i am eager to see what they bring for the eliminatorias, which should sooner than we may expect, or ready for.  the 2010 world cup is just under 2 years away!  can’t wait.

Argentina – wow were they dominant, almost.  all the stars made their presence felt, including inspiring performances by Messi and Riquelme, who caried on their respective great seasons into the tournament.  unfortunately they fell short.  which lead me to…

Brasil – Dunga was heavily criticized for the team he took to Venezuela, and for a couple opf their early pefomances, but it seems this team was destined to beat the Argentines.  It wasnt the brand of pretty football we’re all accustomed to watching, but their midfield defence was on point, not allowing any effective balls for the Argentine front.  Congratulations.


I attended the Latin Alternative Music Conference last week and I must admit to being a bit underwhelmed.  I understand that the budget cant possibly compare to that of a CMJ or Austin City Limits, but the number of shows is something that has to be worked out better.  I tried to show up to 3 shows with some success: the SOBs acoustic showcase, the MTV3 sponsored show in the Bowery Ballroom, and Cafe Tacuba in Central Park.

The SOBs show was a total mess.  Some bands are just not equipped to strip down their sound and come off more “intimate.”  Worst of all, each of the many, many acts were restricted to two songs, bringing other problems  to the forefriont: 1) you can’t soundcheck all bands;  this wouldnt be a problem knowing this is an acoustic show, but every act thinks they can bring their own flare with different instruments they cant possibly tune in the short time, and 2) even if you build momentum after 2 songs, you are cut off.  They have to increase the set list to 4 songs and decrease the number of bands to showcase.  Pinker Tones were the marquee band but after 2+ hours of being there, i had to leave.

The Bowery show was alright.  The space is better,  beer cost about the same, but the atmosphere wasnt as stuffy.  Rock band Panda started it off and they had a young fanbase starting a mosh-pit, which was startling, considering how poppy their sound is.  they were good though, specially compared to The Dey, the following group.  They come accross like the latin version of the Fugees, except everyone sucked.  Totally forgettable stuff.  I saw a bit of the very attractive (IMO) Mala Rodriguez, but it was getting late and I had to leave.  She’s cool.

As for Cafe Tacuba, through a series of unfortunate events I arrived at Central Park as soon as they were announced, but the line to enter was so long and Summerstage reached heir max capacity.  So we just sat outside the venue like everyone else.  They played great from the parts we heard.  Me and my cuz left for a bit to get beer in between.


I got tickets to see M.I.A. !!!  She’s playing this Saturday for free at the Siren Festival in Brooklyn but i’m not really down to go.  And I dont mind forking over $20 to see her in Studio B.  Whoo hooo it will (hopefully) rock. This will be my first time seing Maya in concert so I’m all sorts of excited.  Just on week away.  Party on!

Just days after that will be Rock the Bells in New York.  Rage and Wu-Tang together, so i’ll make up for the concert i didnt attend when i was like16 y.o.  Two concert in one week will help make up for the fact thaat I couldn’t attend the Long Blondes show i paid for, and the Morrissey show that was cancelled.  There, indeed, is a light that never goes out.