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yes, there were about 50 songs that i cared for this year.  some i will get into detail, others i wont.  it’s the weekend after all, and while i may not be a “cool guy” with “plans” to “go out”, i still have college bowl games as a back-up option.

i think these songs are all from 2007.  nevertheless, i played the hell out of these songs in the old year. 

happy new year everyone!!!!

50. peter bjorn and john – lets call it off

49. pitbull – lengua afuera

48. the virgins – rich girls NY disco rock you dont have to be a hipster to enjoy.  they had a big year this year, and will likely see more laurels in 2008.


47. belanova – baila mi corazon  I caught on to this one late, but thanks to my sister i’m back in the loop.  i tend to enjoy belanova songs a lot, and this is pretty much more of the same

46. kid sister – pro nails  this likely made its way into Kanye’s Cant Tell Me Nothing summer mixtape because of his connection to A-Trak.  it’s a goody, your basic hipster retro geek raps that have been poppin all year long.  the video is worth a watch.

45. black kids – i’ve underestimated my charm again  this was my myspace jumpoff.

44. a band of bees – listening man

43. alice smith – dream  first heard this song on a scene of Entourage,  when Eric was about to bone some British jumpoff.  great slow tempo song.

42. arctic monkeys – brianstorm

41. omarion  – icebox  filled in nicely just in time for the Justin Timberlake over-exposure.  awesome beat by Timbo and a great hook

40. dizzee rascal – pussy’ole

39. notch – dale pa’tras  much like rap, the best reggaeton is not overproduced.  here a simple guitar strum give the drum variations purpose.  not too much going on in the beat aside from that, and who needs it?  the radio and clubs loved this song

38. interpol – no I in threesome

37. swizz beats w/ lil wayne – it’s me bitches  one of many high energy cameos from lil wayne this year.  swizz beats with another good year, even if his solo album flopped hard.  and an unexplainable Jadakiss verse over the CREAM beat.  what were they thinking at the time?

36. grinderman – no pussy blues  Nick Cave waxing poetic about not getting any trim.  part of it is coming to terms with getting older and abiding by the sex laws, the other is defeat in the face of cultural differences. 

35. devin the dude w/ snoop and andre 3000 – what a job  Three of the most prominent rappers of the last decade-plus rapping about rap-as-a-profession.  they show the frustration that comes with choosing the biz as your bread-and-butter, and the reasons they do it.

34. lloyd – get it shawty

33. rihanna – let me get that

32. muse – starlight  i feel like this should be a prom song.

31. spank rock – lindsey lohan  dirty, sexy, white trashy, glamorous;  this song embodies all the good qualities of one Lindsey Lohan.


30. calle 13 – me voy pal norte

29. fabolous w/ jay-z and uncle murda – brooklyn

28. the shins – sea legs  talk about an exercise in genre!  totally unexpected song from the shins.  i did a doubletake the first time i heard it, plus he sounds really british in this one.

the shins-sea legs.mp3

27. CRS – us placers  it’s probably a good thing i never heard Thom Yorke’s solo album, from where the sample for this song was lifted.  i may have not liked this song as much, possibly.  Kanye, Lupe, and (especially) Pharell sound perfect over the minimalist blips.  In typical hip-hop fashion the song is credited as “featuring Thom Yorke,”  i wonder how he felt about this song?

26. feist – past in present

25. crime mob – rock yo hips  the two girls in Crime Mob can rap their asses off.

24. arcade fire – intervention

23. the national – mistaken for strangers

22. mark ronson w/ amy winehouse – valerie

21. the blow -parentheses  i love the drums in this song.  can be mixed well with the retro hipster rap i mentioned above.  synths, baby! 

the blow -parantheses.mp3

20. rilo kiley – breakin’ up

19. lcd soundsystem – all my friends 

18. common w/kanye west – southside

17. janelle monae – violet stars happy hunting!  she starts out the song by saying she’s an “alien from outer space”  over a simple guitar riff, and then the beat drops.  we hear the obvious Prince influence, but even more of Outkast’s southern funk.  why she hasnt blown up is beyond me.  she’s the kind of artist rock needs right now.

janelle monae – violet stars happy hunting-osc.mp3

16. MIA  – paper planes

15. R. Kelly w/ T-pain and T.I. – i’m a flirt  three of music’s favorite perverts in one track.  i’m not quite sure if they’re calling themselves flirts, or they’re giving guys and girls fair warning of what their intentions are.  probably both.  and of course T-Pain blessing us with his moniker “Teddy Pin-her-ass-down”.  Don’t hate on them.

14. jay-z – i know  that good pimpish, slick raps Jigga has perfected over the years.  he might think otherwise, but this is how adult alternative rap should sound like.  grown and sexy indeed.

13. the long blondes – once and never again

12. kanye west – can’t tell me nothing

11. battles – atlas  this song is too long for its own good, but it’s the best indie rock song from this year.

battles -atlas.mp3

10. lil wayne – we taking over (remix)  haters wanna hate.  about a year ago, a photo showing Wayne kissing his label boss/rapping partner/father figure Baby AKA the Birdman leaked to internet trolls nationwide.  Rap and its fans, still as homophobic as ever, decided to clown Lil Wayne as a way to express their discomfort with him being one of the biggest stars around.  So how does he respond?  by taking a beat he already destroyed in its first incarnation, bringing it back to life, and starting off with a sarcastic “no homo.”  He follows with an ode to the rapper and the DJ, as real as it gets.  he makes no qualms about it, he kissed a man, a man he considers his father.  he accuses everyone of being jealous of his daddy and follows his trend of the last few years, to demolish the beat.  Feed him rappers, but an even better idea, feed him all the beats, he’ll contain them.

lil wayne – we takin over-remix.mp3

9. T-Pain – buy you a drank

8. avril lavigne – girlfriend

7. stephen marley w/ damien marley and buju banton – traffic jam  they all did their thing, most notably Buju on the extended version.  the beat box is reminiscent of Doug E. Fresh in the classic “Freaks.” 

6. rihanna w/jay-z – umbrella  Rihanna had a landmark year.  Truth be told, all her singles were very good this year, but this was her “Since you been gone.”  Jay-Z shown up to piggyback on the undeniable groove, making sure he’s involved in another summer hit.

5. MIA – xr2  For a person so undeniably popular globally she sure has a lot of critics.  her biggest critique is that she’s a culture vulture.  it’s difficult to argue against those accusations, but she’s more Elvis Presley than Pat Boone.  when Baltimore Club sounds this good, i could give a shit less what part of the world she’s from.  between this song and her talk about using disposable phones on “paper planes,” the next logical question is:  how big of a fan is she of The Wire?

4. amy winehouse – tears dry on their own

3. justice – d.a.n.c.e  we can thank Daft Punk for this one.  hopefully more of their high quality clones appear for years to come.  you are such a PYT!

2. UGK w/ Outkast – international players anthem  Three seasoned rap veteran entities (three 6 mafia did the beat) collaborate for the best rap song of the year, and a new highlight in their respective careers.  Thank you Pimp C.  RIP.

1. bonde do role – gasolina


Joe “that’s disgusting” Buck is pretty much hated on mostly (c) Crime Mob, and there’s good reason for it.  as the self annointed morality leader of sports broadcasters, he’s brought the profession to major lows that dont add up to his constant exposure.  admittedly, i can tolerate small portions of his banter during baseball season, but all bets are off during tackle football.

deadspin linked a clip of the joe buck show (featuring one of my favorites, the actor Paul Rudd) that was undergoing production.  as a betting man, i would say this hasnt a shot in hell of making the airwaves.  but knowing how bad i am at gambling, this may see the light of day aftert all.

1. M.I.A. – kala 

2. amy winehouse – back to black

3. the national -boxer 

4. arcade fire – neon bible

5. lil wayne – da drought 3

6. justice – †

7. jay-z – american gangster

8. arctic monkies – favourite worst nightmare

9. common – finding forever

10. lcd soundsystem -sound of silver

11. wu tang clan – 8 diagrams

12. rilo kiley – under the blacklight

13. death proof soundtrack

14. manu chao – la radiolina

15. feist – the reminder

some thoughts while making up this list:

it really wasnt hard to compile.  i normally dont listen to albums all the way through like i used to.  i’m much more of a singles/album track person for the last few years.  so i tend to gravitate toward the obvious choices.

the wu-tang album is incredible.  it is off-putting and intriguing at once.  there is more revealed with each listen.  i wouldnt be surprised if a year from now i would put it in the top 5 of this list.

i dont listen to many albums by new rap artists.  aside from Clipse or T.I.’s King, they just dont do it for me.  they make great singles, and that is good enough for me.  So it’s funny that a mixtape by Lil Wayne had me so engaged.  that dude can spit about anything, and often he does.

Amy Winehouse’s album is the only album on this list people will listen to 20-30 years from now.  I promise you.

 I dont get why the Rilo Kiley album gets so much hate, like they sold out or something.  they’ve never been that deep in the first place.  they make great pop.

Kala has it all.  MIA toped Arular seemingly with no effort, and so much energy.  She ruled my year. Period. 

if this works out, i’ll try to reflect on the past year with a couple of re-occurring themes i’ve come across.

my first one: babies.

i’m getting older, and i see more babies all the time.  at this rate it’s unlikely i’ll have any of my own, and i’m not quite sure if i want any even in the next 5-10 years.

but i love my niece, Valentina.  she was born this year, and i dont ever recall holding a baby before last February.  what an odd thought.  with her i see something to look forward to, i see the opportunity to see someone grow, develop, all that stuff.  she’s great.  my sister is lucky.

my cousin Ricky also has a baby.  His name is Anthony and he was born about a month ago.  You can see the change in his family.

My friend Roberto’s friend, Cezar, became a father for the third time this year.

Ricky’s friend Milton, also with child.

On the celebrity tip.  Jessica Alba.  Britney Spear’s little sister.  Lili Allen is also pregnant!  there may be more i’m not aware of. 

so, i saw many babies this year. 

i smelled victory in my fantasy football league.  i was convinced my opponent was not on my level; our cumulative point totals indicated i was the clear favorite.  i debated such intricacies as whether to start Santonio Holmes instead of Chris Chambers, or the upside of starting Bet the hitman Favre in a dome game.

I paid attention to the weather.  but the weather screwed me.

I was jumping for joy when i saw my opponent had two players playing in Foxboro this weekend, convinced that Tom Brady would do just enough to win the game.  he did.  but my opponent subbed Benjamin Watson in favor of someone else.  he still had mike nugent kicking field goals and that paind off for me.

i benched Roethlesberger and apparently wasnt having a good game until the end when he started racking up stats and TDs in a losing effort against the Jags.  he had 3 TDs, i believe.

Favre threw 2 picks and his total yards were not as impressive. 

and for whatever reason, i didnt check the weather update for Bufallo’s game at Cleveland, and that bit me in the dick.  Lee Evans doing next to nothing.

So I hear Tom Brady adn Tony Romo screwed their owners this week.  well, that’s the breaks.

what i cant understand is how Reggie Wayne and Joe Addai didnt fare well agains the Raiders! Both players carried me this year; even when one didnt do well, the other would make up for the lack of stats.  Sadly for me, they both came up with below average numbers in a week that truly mattered.

oh yeah, MY competition had LaDanian Tomlinson on his team.  he’s a beast.

she’s no Mary Gamarra, but I find her very attractive.  deep down inside i wish i could be a male groupie, or a “band-aid” a-la Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

I’ll hopefully be seeing her group The Fiery Furnaces on January 19, 2008 in Hoboken, NJ, in case anyone is interested.


here’s the story.

Without Marina, can Bonde do Role continue under the same moniker?  she is way too charismatic to even dare replace, so I would have to believe this musical venture is over for Gorky and Pedro; on to another project. 

If you want my take on it, they are very young and sometimes there’s a lot of pressure and too much partying if you have the opportunity to criss-cross the world.  it’s impossible to be 20 years old and act like a seasoned professional, especially when you’re in a groupo known for their on-stage antics.  I think they’ll get back together.  or maybe thats wishful thinking.

I posted a new video for their song “Marina Gasolina.”  i like the video, and i love the song.  Like most people with a keyboard/monitor/plenty of time, i’ll likely compile a list of my favorite songs and albums of the year.  Just to break the suspense, “Marina Gasolina” will be the number 1 song.  i think i’ve listened to it almost every weekend of the year.  it is that great.

WARNING: THIS IS VIDEO IS NOT WORK-SAFE.  it’s not offensive by any means, but you know better than to watch stuff at work that will offend someone, or even embarrass you.

much like other internet trolls, i gawk at hot news reporters/weather chicks.  and a time-tested fact is there’s no better place to get your perv on than Latino news programs.

i know there’s no way to sound creepy while writing one of these douchy diatribes, but i’ll do my best to keep it subtle.  Mary Gamarra is by far the hottest chick doing this whole “telling the weather and looking damn good talking in front of a camera” game.  the reasons and visual evidence:

  • she’s classy
  • she’s classy
  • she’s classy and looks very fit

hello, not many people in this world can wear a dress like that and not totally skank it up, in public or in television.  she seems accessible (i’m probably fooling myself here), like i might have a chance with her (haha).  the consensus seems to be that Jackie Guerido is the baddest chick in the meteorologist game.  but in my humble opinion, there’s stench of snottiness with her good looks.  plus we all cant be like Don Omar and have easy access to her.  plus i don’t like her more recent bangs.  and she looks like she can let herself go in a few years.  I can picture a whole bunch of ho-males like the ones in Hot Chicks and Douche Bags following her around and leaving their nasty stench on her, leaving her even more repellent. 

back to Mary.  i want her to have my children.

On a similar note, i’ve noticed Karla Ramirez is one of the hosts in that awful morning program Despierta America.  For those Who don’t know, Karla used to host Control, another Univision show, about 7 years ago, i think.  and she looks great.  supposively she had a kid.  good for her!

Padres, Cubs, White Sox interested in Fukudome

NAGOYA, Japan — Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome told the Chunichi Dragons he will not return next season, saying he wants to make a move to the major leagues.

Fukudome, who became a free agent last month, informed the Central League club of his decision Tuesday.

“I won’t be playing for a Japanese club next season, I’ll play in the majors,” Fukudome said. “I appreciate the fans who supported me for nine years. I hope that the fans continue to root for me when they see me playing in the United States.”

Fukudome is regarded as one of the best outfielders in Japanese professional baseball. The 30-year-old was a key member of the Japan team that won the inaugural World Baseball Classic in March 2006.




(i’ve made very little mental progress since the 6th grade)

obviously i’ m likely waaaaaay off on the pronunciation, but i’m a postmodern boy, and I can deconstruct explanations as i see fit.

i might cop a Fukudome t-shirt if he goes to the Cubbies.

my previous favorite sports name is of course the one and only Houston Nutt;  which reminds me i’ve been meaning to make a shirt with his name on it. also on the list is TJ Houshmanzadeh.  and Chris Leak.  and Dick Butkus.  and Kaka.  and a couple of times on the NorthEast Corridor train one of the attendants had a last name Woodcock, but he wasn’t a professional ballplayer as far as I knew.

Other awesome names are Cruncy Black, Young Leak, Old Dirty Bastard, and Brotha Lynch Hung.  they are rappers, of course.  and Karl Hungus, who is a fictional porno actor in the movie The Big Lebowski.

  • i crashed the party in our fantasy football league.  My team scored a lot of points this season, but my record did not reflect it.  nonetheless, i barely made it into the playoffs and won my first round game in convincing fashion.  off to the final four round, i’m headed.
  • just in time to get my soccer fix comes the last round of Champions League group play.  Yes.  Barca, Lazio, Inter, Bremen, Lyon, PSV, and others will be in action today and tomorrow, and I’m putting my game face on (read: sitting on my ass with some junkfood and getting ready to yell “holy shit”, with pipe dreams that i’ll be heading to the gym after the games are over).
  • What a game that was between Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao last weekend.  1-0 los blancos, but Bilbao played one hell of a match.
  • The NY tackle football Giants seemed to have clinched the wildcard, albeit with some sloppy plays in between.  i’ll take what i can get.  i honestly thought we would be a bottom 10 team this year, but they always find a way to surprise.  now if we could only beat a good team…
  • if you have Gol TV, then you know Ray Hudson, a God among mere mortals.  whether if its passionate brown-nosing, erratic behaviour, alcohol-and-sex related outbursts, or what appears to be the sound of him choking on live television, it’s hard to hate the man.  Hudsonia chronicles the spectacle, in his very own words.  and if you ever wanted to play a Ray Hudson drinking game, well look no further.