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it was a bit disappointing to see them lose this bad to the germans. yes, i do understand the germans are one of the top teams in the world historically, but 3-0? that was just a terrible game on the part of ecuador anyway way you look at it. it was a bit of a surprise that no goals have been allowed by ecuador until the 3rd leg of the group round, but the germans made up for that in no time.

still, one should not forget the acomplishments of the last 2 games. we dominated poland like i have never seen them do before, and we quickly disposed of the costa ricans. nevertheless both teams had very good chances to score, and it was a matter of time until ecuador played a team that capitalized on all their chances.

hopefully we learn from the mistakes made today and look forward to our second round game against england. they have looked more impressive today than in their last two games, even though they drew a tie with sweden.

congratulations to ecuador for moving on to the next phasew of the world cup. i always dreamed of this happening but never imagined it to happen in my lifetime. and good luck. go ecuador!!!

in an effort to keep this going, i will attempt to talk and even rate some movies that ive watched recently. it should be noted i dont go to the movie theater a lot. i’m not sure why, since i love talking about movies, positive or otherwise. and while i love so-called “art” films, i find the average popcorn flick to more responsive politically and socially, intentionally or unintentionally. this summer i will try to watch a lot more of these “mindless” films, so lets get it on…

land of the dead – okay this is not a new movie, i caught it on demand, but boy did it kick ass. i love george romero zombie films. i’ll pretty much watch anything with a zombie in it. anyhoo there was plenty of nasty gore and eating of human limbs in it. there were a couple of scenes that even made me cringe. dennis hopper playing a facsimile of george w bush was excellent. he still shows how eccentric he can be (if at the risk of being a one-trick pony). my rating is 8.5/10

fast and the furious – tokyo drift – not the movie i wanted to see. my and some friends went out last friday night expecting to watch nacho libre or the omen, but every single show of every single movie was sold out except for the last screening of the night, an after-midnight screening FF3. i like the first one, didnt watch the second one, yet i had bad feelings coming into this one.

i was proven wrong for the millionth time in my life. the cars were awesome. the girls were hot. the action was cool. the fact that they tried to pass someone who looks like he’s thirty as an 18-year-old is the stuff of genius. the bad dialogue and cop-out plotline, along with the above mentioned, made for the perfect storm of cheeseball entertainment. i highly recommend you and a large group of people to watch this. this is the kind of movie that is made for the audience that likes to talk shit during the movies. my rating is 7.3/10

stick it – this movie blew. i was expecting another “bring it on”, but this wasnt better than “bring it on again” (a movie whose title has got to be one of the worst ever). i watched this for the chicks, but some looked kind of under-age, making me feel like a perv for my intentions. there were some alright parts i suppose, but it was a piece of hot garbage overall. and why was the guy who played the big lebowski in this. although you gotta dmit the picture above is pretty funny. I rate this movie 4/10

v for vendetta – the first movie of the year to gain considerable buzz before its release is also this year’s best movie so far in my opinion. The imagery. the dialogue. the action. the careful consideration of our curent political climate. it might be satirical if it wasnt so damn blatant. Hugo Weaving proves yet again he’s the man. The Wachowski Bros. come through at the clutch yet again (all of the matrix movies were excellent, and “bound” is awesome). i cant wait till this come out on DVD and wear the disc out. i rate this vovie 9/10

i forgot i saw x men 3 also, but im too lazy to pulla picture up for the movie. although that picture would surely be of the angel, who was sorely underused. matter of fact most of the mutants were underused. but thats what happens when directors attempt to please the fans insted of coming up with something more cohesive. but the movie was still good, no matter what the nerds are saying. i rate this movie 8/10

tomorrow i will put my thoughts on ecuador’s recent run in the world cup, after their game against the germans. vamos ecuador!!!

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it’s almost 1 am and i’m tired. but tomorrow ecuador and the poles (sp?) will go head to head in their first world cup game of the tournament. the anticipatiion is mounting by the minute.

however, that is not the only reason i decided to update this pathetic blog. of course, i made a mixtape for the event. i was a bit scared of the task i presented myself, but i must say without the least bit of modest my mixtape rawks!!!

if you want a copy let me know, it is official. i would make a link with a zipped folder for these songs, but like i said before i’m tired. here is the playlist. i promise it sounds good.

1. agentss – agentss
2. pele goal
3. MIA – bucky done gun
4. T.I. – king back
5. calle 13 – atrevete-te
6. desmond dekker – 007
7. devendra banhart – i feel just like a child
8. europe – the final countdown
9. andrew wk – party hard
10. rage against the machine – people of the sun
11. blur – song 2
12. madlib – man in the street
13. maradona goal
14. ll cool j – mama said knock you out
15. os mutantes – bat macumba
16. j dilla – the difference
17. bouncing souls – ole!

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