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this post will not contain any pictures.  but you will just have to trust that i indeed have the mother of all pimples on my butt.

i feel it at every moment, everywhere.  when i walk, when i sit, especially when i get up from seating.  i’m afraid of going to the gym.  when i pretended to do squats earlier today, i felt the pimple expanding.

i tried to look at it in the mirror, it was in such a specific spot i could not catch a glimpse of this monstrosity.  but i can feel it; it’s tangible if i reach for it from the back and and around the front side.  it’s that big.

i’m wondering if this is even a pimple at all.  i was sitting on my ass a lot during the weekend from the long nights.  i know i sat in a somewhat uncomfortable position often, looking for my comfort zone.  i can’t remember if this thing was on my body yesterday, i do remember making a comment about it last night.

as i type this i’m sitting in a holy uncomfortable chair.

i can’t wait to rid this thing of me.