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i had one of their salads for lunch, and it was awful.  i should know better than to order a salad from a burger spot, but whatever.  it’s making me want to projectile vomit.

oh and this McD’s also was selling some cinammon buns, and it was beyond stale.  total disappointment.

i still endorse their fries and apple pies.  everything else is basura.

  • The Mets are on some serious shit.  I’m not gonna lie, there is a part of me that’s very happy, if only to have some fire for those bastards who want to talk shit about the Yanks, and who happen to be Met fans.  If they dont make the playoffs, there’s gonna be some grown men around here crying for about a week.
  • I need a new job like yesterday.
  • i think my favorite food of all time is Eggs Benedict Florentine, and that gives me a guilty feeling.  i’ve been consuming more eggs than usual in the last couple of moNths;  i need to cut that shit out.
  • can someone in New Jersey point to a good bartending job?   I might be trying out for one in a latin club in Elizabeth NJ, but anything in Jersey City or Hoboken would be ideal (i know, too much to ask for.)
  • 2nd favorite food of all time, Chile Relleno.
  • it took me forever to publish this post, and now the Mets are officially not in the playoffs.  A heartfelt fuck you goes to all their fans and their shitty attitudes toward my Yankee fandom.  better luck next year!


i had rigatoni primavera last friday at a restaurant /bar called The Office in Summit, NJ.  I was there really for no good reason;  it’s a rather long distance for me to just enjoy a couple of drinks and watch the Yanks come back from behind to beat the Sox.  but my cousin asked, and i obliged.

If you’ve ever been to any of their locations (for all I know there are only a few in NJ), you may know their menu is limited to say the least.  And if you’re a vegetarian like I am, it becomes worse.  I ordered the rigatoni primavera, for a few reasons really:  i didnt want a veggie burger, i was afraid they were gonna put bacon bits on a quesadilla no matter how much i emphasized, and i didnt want pizza.  Also, theres an episode of Seinfeld where someone gets sick from the Primavera.  Either way, i reluctantly looked forward to my dinner because I was starving.

It seems weird that a 26-year-old never had pasta primavera, but i’m not into italian sounding foods.  I think Italian food is just a bit overrated and, living in New Jersey, thats pretty much the majority of restaurants around here.  I kind of liked it, but really only because it tasted like Lo Mein.  I was disappointed because I consider Lo Mein “safety food,” something you can get for cheap and every Chinese restaurant pretty much makes it the same way.  The only difference is the color.  I dont even know what kind of sauce Chinese joints use to make lo mein (soy sauce?).  And primavera seems like it was alfredo sauce, which means it tastes like nothing ( i actually think its calles “primavera sauce”).

Sometime in the future I’ll try pasta primavera in another restauant just to comfirm my thesis.  maybe it’s just the Office’s fault, and I’m missing out on dope dish.  if i’m right, someone let me know.


The Black and White cookie, one of my favorite snacks of all time, is oddly enough not even a cookie at all, in the traditional sense.  it’s a cake;  its fluffiness and mouth-drying texture are signifiers to it being not-at-all a cookie.  the only cookie-like quality it retains is its round, flat shape.  It tastes pretty good with chocolate milk.  matter of fact, this is what i had for lunch today.

in true american form, the very idea of the black and white cookie conveys its divisive nature;  it almost challenges you to choose a side, which one do you prefer?  The Black or the White?  Jerry Seinfeld once commented about the cookie as “two races of flavor living side by side,” offering up a sort of cynicism of American Utopia (can we all just get along?)  Clearly, he was just joking.  It is impossible top eat the B & W cookie without having an opinion on which side tastes the best.

Upon eating my lunch this was the very idea that concerned me.  Every time I consume the yummyness that is the B & W cookie, I am reaffirmed with the opinion that the White half is the best.  Now, I know that all I’m discussing here is a sweet, but for all intents and purposes this opinion twists my whole world around.  In any comparison of things black and white, I (almost without hesitation) always bet on black, so to speak.

better music: black or white?

i have always supported the notion of black people being innovators in the arts, while whites appropriate these styles to make them their own.  not a knock against my white brethren, who although not technically creating rock & roll, have become the face of rock music all while continually pushing the genre.  but if the question was rap versus rock,  the answer is as simple as reciting the words to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice:”  blacks all the way baby.

better athletes: black or white?

totally subjective topic, but the fact of the matter is the impact of black athletes in professional sports is still today like no other issue that has affected sports.

while there are certain merits and some justification to the wide-eyed appreciation of white basketball players before blacks would be heavily involved in the league,  the choice can be compacted into name dropping.  Jordan.  Hakeem.  Shaq.  Kobe.  Dr. J.  Oscar Robertson.  Lebron.  Whoever.  All these people have contributed to the globalization and increased profitability of the sport.

Tiger Woods, who is certainly not white, is the dominant player in any sport.

Barry Bail Bonds is going to break the record, people!  Admittedly, steroids is a non issue to me and I am not convinced that just by taking steroids Barry has been able to do what he has done.  If so, then Jason Giambi will be playing 10 more years chasing the record himself.

The English Premier League benefits from the black talent the league showcases week by week, something other international leagues of the world’s greatest sport still do not embrace

black chicks or white chicks:

This is clearly a matter of reference.  but just looking at the entertainment industry we can make some definite comparisons.  The hottest chick in the game by far in Beyonce. The hottest white chick is …. AngelinaJolie?  Jessica Biel?  Some random porn star would probably be a better match-up against the like of Beyonce, but it doesn’t come close to Bey’s grip on the title of hottest chick on the planet.


no even worthy of discussion.

tastier part of the B & W cookie?

for whatever reason the black fudge is always creamier in contrast to the hardened frost of the white … frost (icing?)?  the black part comes off almost like a cupcake, which is definitely not a good thing (just thinking of those crappy cupcakes i used to eat during someone’s birthday in grade school makes me want to hurl just a tad).  The white part is frosted icing, almost invoking snow (in my humble, moronic opinion).  it’s texture compliments the cakey cookie.

so to tally up:  black wins in some important cultural institutions, except the B & W cookie.  Such an inconsistency in my life obviously is mindboggling, and it inspired the most pointless, yet poignant post of my life.