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so, the “people” have decided.  Barry Bonds number 756 will have an asterik and donated to the Hall of Fame as such.

I’m upset because it makes a mockery of the Hall of Fame.  If you want to rip Barry, that’s fine.  Even his skin is not as tough as he may project himself to be.  Eventually all the naysayers may succeed in breaking him down to nothing.  It has happened before, and it will keep happening. 

But after that ball left the park, it became a baseball artifact whether you like it or not.  it belongs in the Hall unmarked, or in Barry’s hands unmarked.  If Marc Ecko wanted to brand it or grafitti it, he can do so, but he also had the right to keep it then. 

It is no longer the Barry Bonds ball, but the Marc Ecko ball. 

Will the same reaction occur when he approaches 3000 hits?  Probably not, but I guarantee some other jackasses will try to gain exposure by trying to bring Barry down.


Joba Chamberlain played such a key role in the Yank’s 2007 campaign for the post-season.  It is far from over, but the Bombers have reason to celebrate. 

I made a total of two Yankee-related posts: one where I proclaimed A-Rod a god among men, and one where I chronicled the kind of season the Yanks were having, the infamous stolen home plate game.

Since then things took a turn.  If memory serves me correct, a game or two later, A-Rod involved himself in the now notorious incident while rounding third base against the Blue Jays.  He yelled something at Howie Clark, causing the third baseman to drop a routine pop out, and adding to the fuel for the remainder of the season.

The Yankees would climb from the hole they dug for themselves.  They reached .500 by the All Star Game, and would have the best record in baseball since the midseason classic.  Not bad.  As a matter of fact, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

But how can you not love this guy?  Any time a young guy makes valuable contributions to your team, everyone takes notice.  Best of all, it becomes infectious.  Melky and Cano did it before, and Joba followed suit.  We’ll see far this momentum takes us.

The MLB playoffs start next week.


according to my stats, most of the hits on this “blog” are for lil mama searches.  i’ was halfway proud of the post, i even added audio.

but i have a gut feeling its just people trying to get picture of her; hopefully in or around her age range.  n=but to make this post quasi informative, here we go:

I may have not been too receptive of her schoolbus song, but New York Magazine is in love with it, maybe a little too much.

On the tabloid tip, Medatakeout is spreading the rumor that she dissed Rev Run’s daughters.  As an good internet troll like myself should know, its hard to take that site seriously.  They’re trashy even by internet standards.  nevertheless, if the shoes are garbage, they’re garbage.


I wanted to drink Sparks.  I was curious, never having drank it before.  But gotdamn, I had like 4 of those bad boys last night (and a shot of vodka, inexplicably).

it’s now 6:20 in the morning and i’m towed up.

it won’t be a good day, i’m sure of that one thing.

i think i have been up since 5:30 because i dont know what to do with myself.  i drank a few of those yesterday, watched a bit of “Akira,” went to my sister’s place to watch the Yankee victory (1.5 games behind now!).  i know on my way home i bought some club soda, i’m looking at it right now, so that means i felt it’s totalitarian power last night, Sparks that is.  went to bed relatively early.

i have to stop treating my body like a science experiment.  i’ve come to the conclusion i’m indestructible like Bruce Willis in “unbreakable,” i might feel the pain, but i’ll never die or break a bone or something to the effect.


so espn is running some article in their homepage regarding overboard fan reaction to the early season.  i didnt bother to read it for fear of being even more depressed by my NY Giants, and for lack of caring of articles that have more to do with opinion than sports fact/numbers. 

The drawing above is attached to the headline.

now i know GB Packer fans should be excited for their 2-0 team, but the illustration the artist made for their region is too funny/odd to ignore.

I mean, i do figure the Lombardi-trophy-as-phallus idea is plausible in a psychoanalytic form, but the cheese-dick picture seems over the top.  Somebody obviously loved the movie “Superbad.”


go to their home page if you wanna read.  i’m not gonna link it.

marc ecko purchased Barry Bail Bonds # 756.

marc ecko, whose clothes used to be cool when i was 16, thinks he’s funny.

marc ecko, a former Rutgers School of Pharmacy student (maybe drop-out? i think he left school to make clothes, which was a great move),  started a poll.  What should he do with a ball he paid like $750K ?  Should he donate it to the Hall of Fame, brand an asterik on it, or launch it into outer space?

marc ecko, his bitterness reeks of a Mets fan.

marc ecko, who’s obsessed with the rhino, maybe should have donated all that money to the preservation of the beautiful animal.

yep, they’ve been winning their games convingcingly like they’re supposed to.  This is the easy part of their schedule, and it’s looking like other Big East teams like Cincinatti and (specially) South Florida are a tougher match. 

RU moved up in the AP polls this week, taking the 11 spot, two spots from last week and four (i believe) from the preseason polls.  Currently the 2nd highest-ranked Big East team due to Lousville’s loss this past weekend, Rutgers are looking forward to their off week and gearing up for their match against Maryland, a game many RU faithful have been looking forward to since the school revealed the 2007 season schedule.

Likely, they will fall off one spot for not playing a game this week.  But in my opinion, 11 (or 10, if possible) seems like where they should peak, barring any total collapse by the tealms rounding out the Top 10.  I just dont see LSU, USC, Oklahoma, and Florida, shuffling around at all.  Penn St. and Ohio St. will have a key matchup later on in the season, but whoever loses shouldnt fall too much.  And Cal U is playing awesome football.  But here’s to hoping!

The West Virginia game keeps looking more important as the weeks go by.


i had rigatoni primavera last friday at a restaurant /bar called The Office in Summit, NJ.  I was there really for no good reason;  it’s a rather long distance for me to just enjoy a couple of drinks and watch the Yanks come back from behind to beat the Sox.  but my cousin asked, and i obliged.

If you’ve ever been to any of their locations (for all I know there are only a few in NJ), you may know their menu is limited to say the least.  And if you’re a vegetarian like I am, it becomes worse.  I ordered the rigatoni primavera, for a few reasons really:  i didnt want a veggie burger, i was afraid they were gonna put bacon bits on a quesadilla no matter how much i emphasized, and i didnt want pizza.  Also, theres an episode of Seinfeld where someone gets sick from the Primavera.  Either way, i reluctantly looked forward to my dinner because I was starving.

It seems weird that a 26-year-old never had pasta primavera, but i’m not into italian sounding foods.  I think Italian food is just a bit overrated and, living in New Jersey, thats pretty much the majority of restaurants around here.  I kind of liked it, but really only because it tasted like Lo Mein.  I was disappointed because I consider Lo Mein “safety food,” something you can get for cheap and every Chinese restaurant pretty much makes it the same way.  The only difference is the color.  I dont even know what kind of sauce Chinese joints use to make lo mein (soy sauce?).  And primavera seems like it was alfredo sauce, which means it tastes like nothing ( i actually think its calles “primavera sauce”).

Sometime in the future I’ll try pasta primavera in another restauant just to comfirm my thesis.  maybe it’s just the Office’s fault, and I’m missing out on dope dish.  if i’m right, someone let me know.

The man also known as Greg Gillis and Dan Deacon “performed” Saturday night at the Bowery Ballroom, their 2nd show of the night following their also sold-out show in Webster Hall.  Throughout his set, he must have repeated a couple of things numerous times, I guess as a way to emphasize how serious he was. 

number 1 – the Bowery show felt more comfortable than the one in Webster Hall.  He was citing the promoters over in WH, saying that it just felt to commercially driven and not enough attention was payed to the overall operation. 

number 2 – He said the crowd there appeared more violent, as opposed to the more friendly crowd at Bowery.  I think he was just pandering to the audience.  We would pretty much cheer at anything he said.  I cant imagine how much rowdier the patrons at Webster Hall could have been.  After all, it is a Girl Talk show. 

number 3 – he wanted tequila.  Thirty shots, to be exact.  There must have been like 80+ people on stage with him, which wouldnt have made any sense.  He wouldnt like to disappoint some fans and not give them tequila, would he?  But he kept insisting on the shots, pleading for someone who knows him to put it on his tab.  Even if he was serious about hooking up people with free booze, it would have bee a bad idea.  What if the tequila spilled on his laptop by accident?  no laptop = no Girl Talk!  We/he would have been fucked!  Also, it appeared many of the people partying it up onstage were under the age of 21.  If there was anything I learned last night, it is that the Bowery Ballroom is somewhat serious about their alcohol policies.  I was having a drink, and I didnt have a wristband like you were supposed to.  All of the sudden, this guy grabs my beer and makes sure I had a wristband.  I had to show some guy my ID in order to get my brew back.  They were very nice though, and I was slightly happy with their attention to detail.

The show was a lot of fun, overall.  I pretty much got there at the right time, sometime in the middle of Deacon’s set, also thoroughly enjoyable.  My favorite part was whatever mashup he did with the song ” A Bay bay.”  My least favorite part was his Nirvana cover of “scentless apprentice.”  Too bad he closes with said cover.

you’d think he’d know better than to get himself in trouble with the law, let alone completely immerse himself in a casino break-in.

Paraphrasing from the LA Times:

O.J. Simpson was under investigation today in an alleged armed robbery at a casino hotel room involving sports memorabilia, but the former football star denied breaking into the room or carrying a weapon…

…Simpson said he was conducting a sting operation to collect his belongings when he was led to the room at the Palace Station casino. Police said he was a suspect in a break-in at the hotel…

…Many of Simpson’s sports collectibles, including his Heisman Trophy, were seized under court order and auctioned to pay some of the $33.5 million judgment awarded to the Goldman family and the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson…

…Simpson said he was accompanied by several men he met at a wedding cocktail party and they took the collectibles, which included his Hall of Fame certificate and a picture of the running back with J. Edgar Hoover.

If he got away with that, it would have been incredible. and LMAO that he calls it a sting operation.  And that J Edgar’s name gets dropped in this scandal makes this more slightly over the top.

I dont feel like posting a pic of the Juice, but here’s his well-circulated, very hilarious “interview” from a month back: