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Sports media blows more often than not.

The casual sports fan may not have known of Hamilton’s past struggles with drugs and alcohol, but The Media will certainly not let that piece of info get past you.

Rick Reilly blows.  You’re a great fit for The Ocho. 

Erin Andrews, you’re still hot.

But the real story is Josh Hamilton.  You hit 28 home runs in the first round of the home run derby.  and you still lost to Morneau, who hit half the HRs you racked up.  And we were reminded you drank and got high a lot a few years back.  That’s two L’s for you, my friend.  But next time you come to Yankee Stadium, you will get booed, which is a W, unless you some time in the future come back in Pinstripes and get booed, which is another L.