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there used to be a time when i was up on all the “latest” music news, used to know all the release dates, yadda yadda.  i’m not in college anymore, and that time has passed, and it’s a bit refreshing to be completely honest.

case in point: i had no idea The Futureheads have a new album coming out very soon, and they already released two videos for “Radio Heart” and “The Beginning of the Twist.”  You might say, it’s only two songs and it’s not like they just dropped 5 albums in the span of the month like Nine Inch Nails, and I would say tru-dat.  But 2 songs and 2 videos totally unexpected is like Xmas to me these days.  BTW i know there’s plenty of people out ther listening to all those NIN albums, but that level of Prolificness (probably not a word) is way too demanding for me; how does one take in that much music from ONE ARTIST in that very little time?  Amazing.  That’s like the rock version of the mixtape a-la when 50 Cent was flooding the market around 5-6 years ago.

definitely lookng forward to this.  going through a bit of music overload today.  I just boiught the Robyn album that came out like 3 years ago but is finally available here in the US of A (awesome album, i’m glad i didnt download it back then), the new Long Blondes album (very cool as well), and the Santogold album only to show my monetary support.  i’ve been listening to the copy have so much already it probably wont leave the shrinkwrap anytime soon. 


Danity kane – damaged.  The not so new female group from Diddy comes hrough with some heat.  I watched their reality show only a couple of times but they seem to know what they’re doing on the creative side.  Makes me wsant to listen to their album, truth be told.  I want to get all of them pregnant, especially the skinny blonde one who looks like she’s high all the time.  Diddy ruins the song with his spoken word lament, but I guess it works as his validation for DK.  don’t get your hopes up, danity kane, my boss has yoursong on her ringtone and will likely wear out your welcome

I’m not gonna write you a love song.  I had to look up who sings this song.  I thought the song was dumb at first but now it sounds like a really queer version of a Fiona Apple song.  God I wish she’d come back with something new. 

Jordin sparks – no air Tom Breihan said he liked this song because it’s  for teenagers sung by teenagers.  He’s right.  It’s pretty morbid, though.  She starts with “if I die before I wake” which you normally hear in cliché rap songs and crappy rock, and goes on about not breathing or living.  Truthfully I haven’t paid attention to the rest of the lyrics, so there might be something else to the song.  I read she really messed up her vocals, meaning this song will be played as some memorial to a promising career, and we will all get sick of it and hate it as it becomes some 2000s cliche.

That’s it just three.  For the rest of the annoying songs, I still don’t like you.  I’m talking to you, “I  keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding,”  or that annoying Madonna/timberlake song.

in usher’s vision of himself and his surroundings, clubs are a solitary confinement.  Neatly designed lighting show off an otherworldlyness he may not see once steps out in the daylight;  it looks light a celebrity packed spaceship inside this room, and the rest of the patrons are no worry to him since he’s concerned with only one person.  and alas she’s a mystery.  it seems like he’s about to get it on with her, but she disappears, and he starts doing what he does best: dance.

it’s a awkward dance at first, and he doesnt show off any of his moves until around the 4:50 mark.  i call it his masturbation dance.  there’s nothing R rated about it, surprising for an artist that’s not shy about humping air and/or a fellow dancer.  the dance is over and her image is gone, leaving usher raymond mad again.

i think he’s full of shit, but i guess it’s one way to connect with your audience. 


i’ll always love the roots.  been a loyal consumer since Illadelph Halflife, and no doubt i will exercise my purchasing power on the new album. 

this artwork is on some WOW shit!  I’ve only heard “black’s reconstruction” (which you can find below this post) and “birthday girl”, two tracks that could not be any more different;  i enjoy both immensely, the latter however I have to admit i was not ready for at all.  It has the potential to be a summer banger and a frat/sorority house anthem for years to come.  I like it better than their prior exploration of pop rock landscape, “the seed 2.0” (which was never really their song to begin with).  Here’s a homemade video, the song features Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.  Honestly, I would have never guessed it was him if it wasn’t for internet crybabies screaming out SELL OUT to a group that’s been grinding for more than a decade.

here are ?uestlove’s words regarding the artwork:

although im light years away from western civilization, i still keep up with what is going on and i have to say that its about time that SOMEBODY mentioned race that wasn’t black in this quest for pres-o-dent. (i like the sound of that) then i realized that “no experience” is the new “race card” in this primary (shhhhh dont tell them that)which then gave me a brilliant idea (c) (blair, facts of life) “let’s reveal the album cover!”why? its practically parallel with Geraldine Ferraro comment with “america being in love with a concept” (and im sorry….i dont believe the “concept” she speaks of is about his”hope will save the day” talk. i think the concept she is talking about is the unspoken issue that NOONE on fox news has yet to say.don’t make me say it.

matter of fact i won’t say it.
( on the word “it”)but i will lead you to the subject matter of the cover.The Reconstruction period in American History.this drawing is entitled NEGRO RULE. and it pretty much sums up the feeling of the Confederate Union towards the newly freed slaves and the idea that if given power they would reek havoc and chaos on the country.

somehow in watching this election one can’t help but wonder if those unspoken feelings—– (btw…”if obama was a white man” is also the new nig—ok…im sorry….black)– reflect the looming figure of the old figureheads of washington now?

We are enjoying our tenure down here in southeast asia. even more amused at all of this birthday girl madness going on. the OFFICIAL video (meaning the one we pay for with our own dollars) will be mired in more controversy once you get wind of who we got to star in this bit. i just hope that this won’t tarnish the O campaign im associated with (i mean after all in two weeks we done kilted whitey, gave the finga to the innnaNET, and now eyeing all the 18 year olders in the house? sheeesh political indeed!

but im always one to give CLues
( on clues)i know….im an ass!-El ?uesto”

On a slightly related note, i think i really like this unofficial roots video because the birthday girl in question bears a resemblence to Zooey Deschanel.  she’s so hot, i want to be on her (c) Ron Burgundy.  Props to FallOutG1rl4ever for posting that video. LMAO.

usher – love in the club.  incredible song.  pure bubble gum satisfaction. usher sings yet again about the club, particularly about hooking up with a girl (yet again).  played subject, but who cares when it sounds this good.  Jeezy turning in an awkward verse, i almost wish he was talking about cocaine in this ballad of sorts.  he’s not quite the sex symbol T.I. is.  this is the biggest of hit of the year so far.

missy elliot – ching a ling/shake it like a pom-pom  I’m a missy apologist.  i wasnt feeling the song the first go-aroung, but after a few listens it’s stuck on me.  her videos have become less interesting ove the years, a parallel to her music really.  but i’ll listen to anything from elliot; i even halfway enjoeyd that song that pimped the Stick It movie (i liked that movie as well).  the real treat here is Shake it Like A Pom-Pom.  Even the portion of the video for this brings a sense of resuscitation to her career.  she’s gonna need it to follow up her very disappointing last album.

ray j – sexy can i  i cant believe i like this song.  it might have something with the pretty ladies in the video.  or maybe it might have to do with this song playing at work like twice a day.  the only reason i even payed any attention is because he made quite possibly the worlds most boring sex tape ever with bonafide hot chick Kim Kardashian.  The Drama Queen Kay Slay makes an appearance, representing real hip hop by releasing a mixtape with Brandy’s brother.  He’s a true d-bag, that Kay Slay.  Seems I like the song for any reason beside the song itself.

the roots – 75 bars (black’s reconstruction)  the roots at their minimalist best:  black though tearing up the track, Questlove killing the kit, an ominous bassline in the backdrop.  Parallel to the song, the video also features some presumably killed.  It would be a pleasant surprise if this album is better than the excellent Game Theory; they’re off to a good start. 

gnarles barkley – run  seems to be going toard a cee-lo green direction than a gnarles project, and i like the sound of that.  i only liked a third of that overrated album anyway.  the video hurt my eyes a bit, but that’s probably because i’m getting older and i was toiling at reading a book with small print to begin with.  But MTV is catering to me by banning the video due to the possibilty of epileptic seizures.  c’mon MTV lighten up, dude!  kids are on drugs anyway!  they’d like it, but i’m assuming your target audience would prefer the flashy imagery of The Hills, coming soon!

Spike Jonze, the man who brought you this:

and this (i love Bjork):

and this:

and this:

will be bringing us the big picture version the uber-famous Where The Wild Things Are, a book that I read-but-not-really-read because, after all, so how could 10-year-old immigrant learn how to read English that quickly?  it’s a fully illustrated book;  all you really needed to know was that the kid went to sleep and he saw some crazy stuff, man!

As if news of Jonze in charge of the flick wasn’t enough, two stills were released to the public some time ago, and they are truly impressive.  I’m pretty sure this comes out in 2009, and all I foresee (and hope) is that I could watch this with my niece Valentina, who might be too young for such imagery (i hope not, she just turned one year young), but i would hope she would enjoy anyhow.  Looks excellent.

actually that’s not true, but this video and that fact that Jack White is singing in español has got to be the number 1 WTF moment of the early year.


here’s the story.

Without Marina, can Bonde do Role continue under the same moniker?  she is way too charismatic to even dare replace, so I would have to believe this musical venture is over for Gorky and Pedro; on to another project. 

If you want my take on it, they are very young and sometimes there’s a lot of pressure and too much partying if you have the opportunity to criss-cross the world.  it’s impossible to be 20 years old and act like a seasoned professional, especially when you’re in a groupo known for their on-stage antics.  I think they’ll get back together.  or maybe thats wishful thinking.

I posted a new video for their song “Marina Gasolina.”  i like the video, and i love the song.  Like most people with a keyboard/monitor/plenty of time, i’ll likely compile a list of my favorite songs and albums of the year.  Just to break the suspense, “Marina Gasolina” will be the number 1 song.  i think i’ve listened to it almost every weekend of the year.  it is that great.

WARNING: THIS IS VIDEO IS NOT WORK-SAFE.  it’s not offensive by any means, but you know better than to watch stuff at work that will offend someone, or even embarrass you.

new music from Big Snoop Dogg.  this is just brilliant.

i can’t tell if he’s acting all tongue in cheek, or if he’s being genuine with this one.  this is right up his alley, and long gone are the days of his gansgsta posturing.  he’s like the Will Ferrel of rap, as far as catering to the frat community.  and this kind of R & B which has influenced a good part of his music.

 Bravo, either way.

OH, and the original title of this song is “sexual eruption.”  even better.