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new music from Big Snoop Dogg.  this is just brilliant.

i can’t tell if he’s acting all tongue in cheek, or if he’s being genuine with this one.  this is right up his alley, and long gone are the days of his gansgsta posturing.  he’s like the Will Ferrel of rap, as far as catering to the frat community.  and this kind of R & B which has influenced a good part of his music.

 Bravo, either way.

OH, and the original title of this song is “sexual eruption.”  even better.


quick confessional:  i never even knew what the Champions League was until a couple of years back, when the final match was Barcelona vs Arsenal.

now, i can’t not watch it.  every 3 weeks that matches are scheduled nothing separates me from the TV.  I know it would be more benificial to get my ass to the gym, but soccer rules!  and fuck it, it’s the European clubs.

but here in the US, my only outlet for CL games is the “ESPN family of networks,” and boy do they find ways to fuck it up for me.

I was looking forward to watching the Inter Milan vs Fenerbahce match, i dont really watch any Inter games, so it would be something new for me.  The alternative was Barcelona vs Lyons, and I watch Barca like every week.  I avoided the internet for a few hours before I got out work, left early, and made it home to watch the televised delay (the games are played in Europe, so the ESPN channels designate 3 matches, one live, and the they are all shown from 5 pm on).  I turn on the Inter game on ESPN Deportes only to find the fucking final score on the crawl only seconds after I get comfortable game.  The score was 3-0 Inter.

I turn to the Barcelona game on ESPN Classic; 10 minutes in the score is already 1-1.  It was a fast paced game, and both midfields were giving the other team plenty of pace to move arourn and make effective passes.  More chances to score for both sides during the first half.  In the 45th minute some argument arose between Xavi and Yaya Toure for god-knows-what reason, but Yaya would not let it go.  Barca skipper Frank Rijkaard  somehow gets invloved and he gets thrown out of the game.

The 2nd half featured the same kind of play-style, and eventually Messi was able to draw a foul inside the box and score the go-ahead goal;  he had been challenged by Juninho for the entire match and ventually one call had to go for the Argentine striker.  Moments later Puyol got away from a clear red card as he fouled Toure (i believe it was him) in a clear play towards a score.  it was outside the box and Puyol recieved only a yellow card.  It didnt matter, Juninho would later score on a penalty kick, tying the game 2-2.  That’s how it would end.

During the 2nd half, i was debating whether to see the Man U vs Sporting match or go see No Country for Old Men, but alas i saw the score yet again on the crawl.  2-1 Man U, it looked like a good game!  Made my decision a whole lot easier, and the movie kicked major ass, so I’m not mad.

Tomorrow’s matches feature Werder Bremen vs. Real Madrid facing off in Germany.  I better not mess this one up for myself.

here are all the earlier resuts.

i feel so awful.

i received a phone call the other day, a number i did not recognize.  i was obviously way out of character since i answered the call, rather than opting for my normal behaviour of letting it go to voicemail.  its  a lady, and she’s only speaking in spanish.

she asks for someone else.  i tell her she has the wrong.  she continues to see if there’s someone around who goes by that name, but i tell her this is my cellphone, and she’s definitely got the wrong number.

she attempts to explain to me her reason for calling.  i think she was referred for a job or something.  i’m not really trying to hear it, seeing as how at this point of the night, i decided i was gonna be a big asshole.  She asked for my name.  I tell her “Alex.”

She keeps going on and on about herself and to ask if I knew this guy.  I keep telling her no.  I dont know why i just didnt hang up the phone at that moment.  For a moment i thought i was just entertaining a prank call, and hoping soon enough i’ll find out who this caller was.  She asked for my name again.

I told her my name is verga.  and i clicked her off. 

For those who dont know spanish, verga is like the rudest, nastiest way of saying dick or cock.  it is like supernasty, and i never used that word towards anyone in my life.  the only times i ever used that word was when i referring to it in a joking way when my brother used it say when playing videogames or watching sports.

which is why my brother was very surprised when he heard me saying it.  and he made me feel pretty bad about it, pointing out how inappropriate I was.

after the phone call, my bro mentioned that maybe we did know who the call was going to, which i guess is a possibility, but i doubt it, i dont really communicate with much of my extended family at all.

just at this moment i did one those reverse look-up things where you enter a phone number and a name popped up!  i feel like a such a creep for even doing it, but the name that appears is one i dont recognize.  it is a name of a woman and it is definitely of Latino origin.

i suck as a person.

  • i’ll be in Atlantic City tonight, not exactly the best place for a person who doesnt have much money to kill, yet has delusions of grandeur re: BIG MONEY!
  • went to the Pinker Tones show last night @ SOB’s.  they were fun!  too bad the attendance was relatively low.  who cares it was fun anyway, as proven by some guy who was dancing by himself looking all Napoleon Dynamite with his.
  • I havent been to the movies in a bit.  I really want to see “no country for old men,” but NJ sucks and its not playing near me.  no way in hell am i gonna make a trip to Montclair to see it.  i’ll settle for “american gangster” which i hear is very good.
  • I could not be more happy upon hearing A-Rod re-signed with the Yankees.  I suppose I understand everyone’s ill feelings to the greatest baseball player on the planet, but this is a business after all, and even he had to learn it the (fairly odd) hard way.  i also hear that Mariano wants a four year contract (good luck with that one, Mo) and there’s a really good chance we pick up Lowell (i dont know how i feel about that.  i rather have mentkewich or however you spell his name for the glove).
  • i havent slept much all week, busy, busy!!!  i think i’ll take a nap on the ride to AC.
  • i LUV that “shawty is a 10” song, along with surely every 16 year old in this country.
  • Cafe Tacuba next week.  thats whats up.  I’ll come through with picures, i promise.
  • i think i’m supposed to play tackle football this weekend, and i’m a bit apprehensive to say the least.  I must admit i have the seed to avoid tackles from several of the players involved.  i never broke a bone in my body and i dont plan on it in the near future.
  • i played Scrabble for the first time the other day.  i lost twice, but i got better the 2nd time around.
  • i want to lose like 10 pounds in very little time, for no good reason.  i need discipline.
  • i’m making veggie dishes for Thanksgiving.  I’m thinking sweet potato chili (sounds yummy to me pallat) and some stew, if my sister doesnt make her pumpkin soup.
  • Oswaldo Carrillo
  • I’ve been right all along about the most recent New Pornographers album, Challengers.  boy does it suck.
  • WTF at that Oregon-Arizona game from last night.  Just when i thought we were gonna get a perfect BCS championship game, the Ducks got lame on us.  Will Kansas U take advantage of this and run Mizzou to the ground two weeks from now?
  • I want to learn how to dance cumbia. 
  • I.T. ISSUES DRIVE ME CRAZY.  i cant stand some of their complaints.
  • i find it funny that the new Juanes song plays all the time in the local reggaeton station (no remix either).  money talks always.  not so funny is that its one of the better songs on their otherwise shitty playlist.
  • So i’m watching season 3 of the wire and there’s this awesome scene where the Barksdale crew are in some house party full of (presumably) prostitutes.  dudes and chicks are banging in the hallways and stairwells.  meanwhile, the song in the background is some Baltimore Club track.  i wanted to get up and start dancing it was so good.  so yeah, i need to beef up on my Baltimore Club.
  • bye bye

Sometime near the end of the show, one of the Pipettes (either the brunette one or the one that wears glasses) called out the dance-repressed crowd.  She reminded everyone they in-fact were attending a Pipettes gig, so everyone should just take off their cool and just have campy fun with the entertainers.  everyone had a bit of a laugh and slowly some of the crowd followed though with hand gestures and Carlton Banks-like two steps.

This being my first time ever seeing the Pipettes, I wondered almost the length of the show if this is something they work over at every stop in their itiniary, USA or Europe.  I recall reading their “bio” more than a year ago and it harly went off like the usual “this is how we met” or “our first recording” diatribe.  It was a mission statement; a source for how they came to initiate this experiment of sorts.  The three lovely members of the Pipettes apparently preferred a pre-Beatles approach of pop music; no experimentation, no frills, all girly fun.  My confusion stemmed from seeing their visuals and reading theie bio. Are they treating this like a regular band, or some project?  Obviously both can mesh well, especially when they can make some bank in the open market.  And indeed they are doing that.  Their show at the Gramercy was well attended.  Before this, the only times i saw what they looked like were a few press fotos and two videos:  “Pull Shapes” and “Your Kisses are wasted on Me.”

Pull Shapes looks like your standard fare video, but YKAWOM was something else.  was this just clever editing of raw footage, or a staged production?  is this how people really reacted at their shows?  Seeing this was incredible, and i was amped to see them the very first time they touched NYC.  Unfortunately for me, that first time was a double billing with Amy Winehouse some last March (i think) when the Amy bandwagon was at an alltime high.  It sold out in ridiculous time, and of course all the talk shifted towards Winehouse, she had a hit record and her tabloid fodder was the talk of internet.

I was underwhelmed, sadly.  Not at the Pipettes, but at the crowd.  Maybe the Monday factor set in (doubt it) but the majority of the crowd was lifeless.  One could argue its just an NY thing, where even at a Girl Talk show, people jsut stared at him rather than dance at his gigs.  While I think maybe some of them were just not trying to dance yet enjoy the show, a lot were just there to observe.  Standing like statues and watching three polka-dot drenched girls do funny things with their hands.  And of course there were the seats in the back of the theater, always giving people an excuse to sit during a show. 

I was surprised by the # of songs in their setlist.  They do a lot of songs not in their album.  The top clip is two songs that segued right into each other, and i wish they had done more of this revue/medley type stuff during the night.  It fits the whole vibe of their image to a tee.

In conclusion, the really hot blonde one is now a redhead, and it looks GREAT on her.

i’m a loser.  i have bills.  i have a court date next week.  i have my mom’s birthday party coming up next week.  i cannot spend any money on “fun things” this week.

here’s how i plan to spend my lonesome weekend.

  • my brother boght the Planet Terror and Death Proof DVDs.  i’ll watch those.
  • Giants vs. Cowboys on sunday.  Big Blue has to show and prove, more here than any previous weekend.
  • Rutgers hopes to end their losing ways tonight against Navy live from West Point.  The armed forces already had their way last week with Navy’s defeat of Notre Dame.  We cant let that happen tonight.
  • I burned 2 Big & Rich albums from a friend at work.  lets see if i can channel my inner redneck.
  • Hopefully HBO on Demand, had put up the 3rd season of The Wire.
  • this site has some bail funk mixes, hopefully their good!
  • Austin City Limits wil feature Arcade Fire (!!!!!) this weekend.  Last weekend, it was Wilco.  Check your local PBS channel for times in your area. 
  • catch a Final Fantasy show saturday night in Hoboken.  It’s only $10, as long as I dont drink.
  • have a nice weekend!

i guess as a population we’re not very embarassed about our collective voter turnout.  i am, but that may have something to do with the fact that i was born outside of the U.S.  I have memories of myself in Ecuador waiting in line at voter polls, and U.S. elections were always a big deal. 

but anyway, voting is important.  more important though is being an educated voter; know who you’re voting for, do some research on certain referendums that are up to citizens to decide, even if its just a little bit.  we all live here, and even though sometimes it might feel like the system is not working for us yet we’re still doing alright, imagine if more people made their presence felt at the polls!  sooner or later all lazy politicians will have to react!

here in Jersey we get to decide if state money can be allocated for stem cell research grants for universities and other companies with the same goals.  I will be voting YES to that one. 

now for the comic portion of the post, a dubious ballot question regarding suffrage: should the term “idiot or insane person” be replaced with the phrase “a person who has been abjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to lack the capacity to understand the act of voting.”  Obviously the fact that “idiot or insane person” has remained in our constitution this long is quite remarkable, and the legal rep that had to sort through that piece of info had to have a good laugh.  what is a bit scary is that a small group of peeps can get to decide if someone is good enough to vote.  Obviously this kind of thing is aimed at people who are literally braindead, but who’s to say how far this interpretation can reach?  I mean, we are a non-voting bunch after all.

once upon a time, i thought i had a pimple on my butt.  nope, it was a boil, as i would come to find out after minimal research.  i couldve gone to the doctor to find that healthy piece of info out, but i cannot afford such luxuries and dont have any medical insurance (until now, i’m gonna go to the doctor every week now).

I now have a boil right below my left hip and its making my life slightly difficult.  it’s gross; ive shown to a couple of people, and one of them threatened to kick me in my boil if pulled my pants lower.  my pants are leaving contour marks all over it, and it hurts.  i’m sure my heavy drinking this past weekend, did not help with the boil situation, probably made it worse.  that bloody mary sure was good, though!

here’s a pic of what a boil looks like, if youre not familiar.

not as nasty as “2 girls 1 cup” but you get the idea.  and if you dont know what “2girls 1cup” is, then go on ahead and search it if you’re the kind of person who enjoys being grossed out.  but beware, it is not something you just jump into.  i myself wasnt grossed out, as i normally believe that everything i see on film is not real, like a big budget movie or whatever.

My boil also reminded me of an episode of Gilmore Girls where Taylor decides he wants to change the names of all streets in Stars Hollow back to their old names during colonial times.  It just so happens that Lorelei’s inn is located in what used to be Sores and Boils Road, where one presumes commonfolk traveled to in order to have their boil problem resolved.  I ust thought it sounded gross and funny at the time, but now i really know what a boil is!  and it makes sense that it’s paired up with a sore!


well, i’ll tell you

 it’s only the best rap album to ever be released!

  • it opens up with the Lady of Rage, probably the dopest female rapper ever;  too bad she didnt have the career she deserved.
  • audio of somebody taking a piss.
  • Gin and Juice is sucha  smooth song.
  • DJ salty nuts, jack off hour!
  • In a perfect world, we would all  agree “the shiznit” is Snoop’s best song ever.
  • the Dogg Pound had some great cameos on the album.
  • Murder was the Case, it was made into it’s own short movie!  Gully!!! And how awesome was that MTV performance of that song?  Totally awesome! I’m innocent.
  • he covered Lodi Dodi, and I will admit to hearing Snoop’s version before Slick Rick’s.  I apologize.
  • the bitch been around before my mommas born.
  • if you aint up on thangs, Snoop Dogg’s the name Dogg Pounds the gang
  • i liked that video where they morphed as dogs.  Snoop really resembled an actual canine!
  • Aint No Fun has got to be the most quotable song of all time.  Mysoginistic rhymes galore!
  • how long can i keep this going.  i’m getting tired.  Lastly, the song produced by Warren G is the best one on the album.  too bad you cant get it in retail or itunes.



surely if you follow the NFL and if you’re the type of fan that can’t follow any other sport during the offseason, then your familiar with junior Reids’ fiascos.  On the same day last January, they were both busted on separate traffic violations.  Andy Reid made it public he was taking a sabbatical to deal with this situation re: his family.  Very commendable on his part.  As a fan of the Giants, even I had to respect the way a rival coach attempted to deal with his personal trials.

But unfortunately, his sons are on some other shit.

That judge came down on them, and he criticized the Reid household, calling it a “drug emporium.”  OUCH!

“There isn’t any structure there that this court can depend upon,” Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill said before sentencing Reid’s son Britt to up to 23 months in jail plus probation.

“I’m saying this is a family in crisis,” O’Neill said.

Earlier Thursday, O’Neill sentenced Garrett Reid, a drug addict and dealer who said he got a thrill out of selling drugs in “the ‘hood,” to up to 23 months in jail for smashing into another motorist’s car while high on heroin.

It gets worse.  Especially for Garret.

His addiction persists, according to authorities, who found 89 prescription drug pills in Reid’s jail cell Thursday morning. They believe he smuggled them in his rectum when he was jailed earlier this week.

Selling drugs “in the hood” and smuggling product up his ass?  The Reid brothers probably watch too much The Wire (but who can blame them, it’s the best show in TV history, right next to I love Lucy.)  Those dubasses are like a dumberer version of Ziggy from season 2, but privilaged.  SMH.