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after months of trash talk, promises, infomercials, electioneering, framed media clips, inspirational talk, and disappointing discourse, tomorrow is Election Day.  just hours until polls open in New Jersey.  we have been lead to believe this is the most important election in our time (it is for me) and with arguably the most important nominee in recent memory (for me, Barack Obama fits that mold as well).  My candidate of preference remains Dennis Kucinich;  i voted for him (DK) in the primaries, but I cannot deny Mr. Obama’s demeanor and potential (if one could measure such a thing).

Yet there’s a part in me that would honestly like to see some random third party candidate win in out in true underdog fashion.  the way both Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama have prostituted themselves in the past couple of weeks has been laughable.  From interviews with Mario Lopez and Mary Hart to a halftime spot on Monday Night Football airing tonight,  the lengths these candidates have been forced to go is laughable.  I stress the word forced.  There’s no doubt their respective committees have forced both men to act (and not act) in ways that would supposedly influence “undecided” voters of so-called swing states.  And who are these undecided people anyway?  I don’t believe they exist, and probably wouldn’t have voted in the first place.  At least bigots have the conviction of voting for their party of choice, albeit at the expense of our nation’s economic status.

Rereading that last sentence above, i found myself laughing a bit.  there are some black people who will vote for Obama seemingly because he’s black, just like some white voters will vote for McCain because he’s white (or not black).  A black female coworker felt she would only vote for Obama due to skin color, so she’s not voting at all (she admittedly hasn’t followed these shady media packages like the rest of us trolls; she’s has a child she’s raising and a high mortgage to pay).

on a perverse tangent, i’ve been hearing comments that Mr. Obama will probably be assassinated during his term should he become our new president.  what goes through your heads, people?  are you more cynical than me?  are you Mickey and Mallory?

I don’t know why it surprised me, but on KISS FM in NYC they’re playing a version of Sam Cooke’s timeless “A Change is Gonna Come” with spliced quotables from the Illinois senator.  How would Sam react?  Out of pure selfishness, I want to never hear one of my favorite songs of all time be messed with like that.  It was used to perfection in Malcolm X, i don’t need to listen to a radio station’s political manifestation/manipulation of it.

I’ll see you in the polls tomorrow.