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i’m a part time bartender, meaning i normally sacrifice my weekend nights to provide thirsty alcoholix with their fix.  all in all its a pretty good job.  i get to interact with a lot of different people and the time flies rather quickly on an average night.  most importantly, you come out with money in your pocket.  and when it seems like you might be really broke it is definitely the best job around.

the worst part BY FAR about the bartending are managers and/or owners.  I’ve never worked in a place that encourages buybacks (ie. “this round’s on me”), and its just been in my nature as a bartender and a patron that after you’ve spent a decent amount of $$$ and you established yourself as a good tipper, you should get hooked every once in a while.  I’ve dismissed threats that the owner is watching my actions from the security camera, until it was proven true to me when i hooked a certain lovely female with a cocktail and no sooner than 5 minutes later do I have my manager tell me that the owner caught me doing it.  I didnt feel bad about it; in fact i didnt care.  They didnt schedule me for a couple of weeks and i pretty much got the message that i was fired until i got a pathetic voicemail from my manager telling me the new bartender didnt work out and if i could come by and work that saturday night.  I didnt feel like calling back, but i worked there a couple of weeks later (last weekend, in fact).  Apparently the new bartender got a couple of complaints about the drinks she was making and took it to heart.  She went on her cigarette break and never came back.  Me thinks her problems extend way past her drink-making abilities.

I started at a new place, which might be a bad experiment for me.  It’s a restaurant/lounge that just opened its doors.  I worked a rather slow friday night, but it wasnt totally empty.  i walked out with only $50, by far the worst night of my short bartendindg career as far as tips are concerned.  I’m willing to give this place some moire time only because its right by a college campus and school opens ina couple of weeks.  Plus the people I work with are generally cool.

Yeah, the majority of the peploe i have worked with as a bartender are a lovely bunch.  They tend to be on the attractive side, and all they ever want to do is bullshit.  those are pretty good friends to have. 

I dont consider myself to be a totally attractive person,but my job has made it so much easier to make female contacts.  And I’m not counting girls who are just trying to fenagle some free drinks out of me.  I’m normally happy to oblige to a hot chick that thinks she has me by the short hairs, but i can tell she would not want anything to do with me in real life.  I’m talking about girls who are genuinely interested.  Girls have given me their number; totally random.  I had someone, i forget who it is, tell me that as a bartender i’m the “center of attention”, in a manner of speaking.  I kind of agree.  It really couldn;’t get any easier.

Another trend in my job is that it can be so easy to sleep with a coworker.  It’s so hard to avoid that trap, considering that as previously mentioned they are attractive.  The trick becomes weeding out the ones with big mouths and only staying friendly with those who are totally cool with discretion. 

If i have any decent bartending-related stories, i’ll post them in the future.