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Ari Gold is the mutherfuckin’ man

enjoy it you sorry shitface assholes.

he took it as far as making an excel sheet of his predictions. he asked what i thought of it; i didnt really answer him. part of it was my own smugness, the other part was my fear of then having to come up with my own predictions. with the latter, there is always a chance that my relatively small knowledge would be exposed. along with that fear, its just a damn task to come up with predictions for an event of that magnitude.

well i reviewed his list today (btw congrats italia), and his first round picks were not bad. but then again is it really that hard to pick the teams that come out of the group rounds? still i didnt have the balls to do this.

he went 11 for 16 (11/16) on the first round. come to think of it thats not really all that googd either. he was really rooting for the african teams for whatever reason. i have to assume they were his wild cards? his way of not going with the flow? unless you are a betting man with money to lose, i wouldnt pick those “cinderella” teams in the world cup. ivan, you picked serbia over holland? c’mon dog!!! you were just being a dick on that one!

by the time of the quarterfinal round, ivan had six of eight teams. not bad, except for the fact that he some how had italy and france playing the quarters round against each other. major fuck up, but hey all is forgiven. do better next time.

needless to say only one of his four teams reached the semis and none went to the final. there is always 2010 to try this all over again.

dou you like bukake, spiderman, and reggaeton?

well this is the video for you. i suppose this could have been really disgusting, and this is rated pg, kind of. song and video of the year contender, perhaps?

Goles 3,4, and 5

thanx ecuador

goal 2

thanx ecuador

goal 1

thanx ecuador