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Sunday night has transformed into complete hell for me.  I wait patiently in bed for any loss of energy to help me finish the day and fall asleep, but that is a task in of itself.  It’s not for good reason either.  Everyday I’m usually out sometime after midnight, even on Fridays and Saturdays for the most part; maybe it’s some anxiety for the first work day of the week.  But that doesn’t explain why I don’t have the same problem five nights a week.
What has become my routine on Sunday nights:  watch some sports wrap-up program with d-bag Mike Francessa of WFAN fame, watch reruns of Sex and the City (last night Carrie started dating Berger), change/remove pajamas periodically, and add/remove sheets/blankets.
Maybe 9-to-5 life is not for me.  I can’t remember a time this has ever occurred with such consistency.  It’s getting just as annoying as my tendency to sleep a small number of hours in hotel rooms.


i was supposed to post this on May 6, but i didnt.  long day at work, and the little free time i had i typed the following.  a nonsensical rant, but what te hell.

This goes out to all the 9-to-5ers who decided to partake in the Mexican nationalist drinking debauchery also known as Cinco de Mayo.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt I haven’t drank that much since college.  I can also say I don’t miss it.  Yes, there were tons of college age chicks that likely treat casual sex like an Olympic event, but if such an environment can exist in say a library or a Barnes and Noble instead of a bar I would trade it no doubt. 

Only in college could you party on Monday and probably do it again the next night.  I work everyday and sadly I can’t pick my schedule like I used to pick my classes (never a class before 1 p.m. ever since my second semester, thank you very much).  Such is life when you have to pay bills.  I’ve never been much of a daytime person.  I’ve adjusted my body to be awake by six in the morning, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

I sit here in my desk pretending to do work and replenishing my body with V8 with a little hot sauce reflecting on the pointlessness of last night.  At least Cinco de Mayo is honest.  It’s not like St. Patrick’s Day where many go out of their way to play bagpipes and eat bad food and inject old school culture on top of their binge drinking.  We live in a country where we treat Mexicans like second class citizens yet we celebrate Cinco de Mayo like we do any holiday:  by drinking a lot.  If I have to hear more typical “wetback” comments I think I’ll flip.  For fucks sake my boss is a Puerto Rican chick and she makes comments like “they’re having me work like a Mexican,” referring to the hard work low wage situation of many Mexicans looking for labor in this country (she gets paid handsomely, I’ve seen her house).  I’m not Mexican but when she said that I had anime fantasies of turning into a bionic giant and ripping her head off.  If only I didn’t need my job that much…

Since that V8 my mild headache is all but gone and maybe for the best I didn’t eat any Tex-Mex food yesterday.  Imagine how bad my stomach would have felt!  I was almost convinced to go to an Irish (read: Caucasian) bar yesterday, but obviously didn’t. 

I wish I had slim hipster jeans to go with my shirt it’s a bit oversized but that was kind of the point when I bought it.  It has slightly wider neck (not unlike those super v neck shirts but not so dramatic either).  Too bad I can’t get a descent pair of 36×30 jeans anywhere.

Anywhoo that’s all I got for now.  Instead of vomiting or calling out of work this was my best therapy method.  I love to write, I should do it more often.

usher – love in the club.  incredible song.  pure bubble gum satisfaction. usher sings yet again about the club, particularly about hooking up with a girl (yet again).  played subject, but who cares when it sounds this good.  Jeezy turning in an awkward verse, i almost wish he was talking about cocaine in this ballad of sorts.  he’s not quite the sex symbol T.I. is.  this is the biggest of hit of the year so far.

missy elliot – ching a ling/shake it like a pom-pom  I’m a missy apologist.  i wasnt feeling the song the first go-aroung, but after a few listens it’s stuck on me.  her videos have become less interesting ove the years, a parallel to her music really.  but i’ll listen to anything from elliot; i even halfway enjoeyd that song that pimped the Stick It movie (i liked that movie as well).  the real treat here is Shake it Like A Pom-Pom.  Even the portion of the video for this brings a sense of resuscitation to her career.  she’s gonna need it to follow up her very disappointing last album.

ray j – sexy can i  i cant believe i like this song.  it might have something with the pretty ladies in the video.  or maybe it might have to do with this song playing at work like twice a day.  the only reason i even payed any attention is because he made quite possibly the worlds most boring sex tape ever with bonafide hot chick Kim Kardashian.  The Drama Queen Kay Slay makes an appearance, representing real hip hop by releasing a mixtape with Brandy’s brother.  He’s a true d-bag, that Kay Slay.  Seems I like the song for any reason beside the song itself.

the roots – 75 bars (black’s reconstruction)  the roots at their minimalist best:  black though tearing up the track, Questlove killing the kit, an ominous bassline in the backdrop.  Parallel to the song, the video also features some presumably killed.  It would be a pleasant surprise if this album is better than the excellent Game Theory; they’re off to a good start. 

gnarles barkley – run  seems to be going toard a cee-lo green direction than a gnarles project, and i like the sound of that.  i only liked a third of that overrated album anyway.  the video hurt my eyes a bit, but that’s probably because i’m getting older and i was toiling at reading a book with small print to begin with.  But MTV is catering to me by banning the video due to the possibilty of epileptic seizures.  c’mon MTV lighten up, dude!  kids are on drugs anyway!  they’d like it, but i’m assuming your target audience would prefer the flashy imagery of The Hills, coming soon!


i wouldn’t say I’m hyper-negative or anything like that, but often I chime in and spoil everyone’s ideas with some snide remark and/or bring too much sense to an otherwise harmless conversation.  Debbie Downer, one might say.  but i swear I’m not miserable on purpose.

but i had a moment of clarity when “wannabe” by the Spice Girls came on the radio at work just a few minutes ago.

i hate my office’s choice of music during the workday.  for the better part of 3 months, the choice was CD 101.9, a station that plays the absolute lightest jazz music ever created by Kenny G.  As it happens, they switched formats the other day;  a progressive rock format which promises an “innovative” playlist, which basically means every single popular rock song of the past 50 years sprinkled with “avante-guard” acts like The Velvet Underground and Arcade Fire.  my supervisor was having none of this (i share an office room with 3 other people) and she switched to KTU.  their front page tells you their recently played songs, and it’s a mostly bland bunch.

but then the Spice Girls came on, and all my high school optimism cam back to me.  i remembered thinking how hot they were, and how girl power took over the world!  if they could run for president, I’d vote all 5 of them in!  with the exception of Victoria Beckham, you lost your looks!  That song rules to this day, and for 3 minutes i forgot how crappy that station was (until TKA’s “louder than love” came on).  I know they performed in the area this week, and from the looks of it, their concerts look totally flamboyant.  good for them for making that scrilla,

i had one of their salads for lunch, and it was awful.  i should know better than to order a salad from a burger spot, but whatever.  it’s making me want to projectile vomit.

oh and this McD’s also was selling some cinammon buns, and it was beyond stale.  total disappointment.

i still endorse their fries and apple pies.  everything else is basura.

for the past 5 years, i’ve been wearing strictly button-up jeans.  i’m not exactly sure why i prefer them, but i guess i never had to worry about any faulty zippers and the problems that may arise from them.

i’m broke and i went jean shopping the other day.  i bought 2 pairs of levis, the slim fit ones.  they are comfortable!  i like the way they fit, drape, everything.  i might even buy a couple more pairs.  they were on sale for $25, so i couldnt turn that deal down.

but they have zippers, and i’m having a little trouble adjusting to them.  i found myself about 4 times this week with my zipper down after leaving the restroom at work.  my first instinct is to button up, and i guess my brain is satisfied by just fastening the top button.  i’m also afraid the zipper might make any unwanted contact with my privates;  i normally go commando, and buttons were never a issue in that department.  i dont know, maybe i’ve watched too much “there’s something about mary” in the past weeks (it’s been on a lot on cable these days).

what a lazy afternoon.  nevermind that, what a lazy weekend.  my hair is reminiscent of that recent Adam Sandler movie where he’s a total recluse because he lost his family on September Eleven (i think thats what the movie is about, never having seen it myself).

i “went out” last night although that really can be described as walking around the block to a friends house for football, then going to the local bar about a quarter mile away to grab more drinks.  I played FIFA 08 since friday night, and have been wanting to get back to playing Rock Band today, since i was determined to find a cheat to unlock all songs.  turns out that’s pretty much public knowledge, now i want to throw a Rock Band Party and play some New Pornographers.  maybe even “Dani California”;  regarding this song, i didnt like it at first, i still dont like it really, but in a loud setting it’s fun to hum to.

i saw the coolest movie on demand today: Prime Evil.  it’s about a gigantic alligator(!!!!), and they tried to use it as an obvious metaphor for Rwanda/Darfur!!!!!  i truly did like it, all flaws aside, and boy were there many of those!

now, i’m looking forward for the new episode of The Wire (the greatest show of our time)on demand tonight around midnight.  i swear i might cry if it doest show up right away.  i have work tomorrow morning. 

if this works out, i’ll try to reflect on the past year with a couple of re-occurring themes i’ve come across.

my first one: babies.

i’m getting older, and i see more babies all the time.  at this rate it’s unlikely i’ll have any of my own, and i’m not quite sure if i want any even in the next 5-10 years.

but i love my niece, Valentina.  she was born this year, and i dont ever recall holding a baby before last February.  what an odd thought.  with her i see something to look forward to, i see the opportunity to see someone grow, develop, all that stuff.  she’s great.  my sister is lucky.

my cousin Ricky also has a baby.  His name is Anthony and he was born about a month ago.  You can see the change in his family.

My friend Roberto’s friend, Cezar, became a father for the third time this year.

Ricky’s friend Milton, also with child.

On the celebrity tip.  Jessica Alba.  Britney Spear’s little sister.  Lili Allen is also pregnant!  there may be more i’m not aware of. 

so, i saw many babies this year. 

  • i’ll be in Atlantic City tonight, not exactly the best place for a person who doesnt have much money to kill, yet has delusions of grandeur re: BIG MONEY!
  • went to the Pinker Tones show last night @ SOB’s.  they were fun!  too bad the attendance was relatively low.  who cares it was fun anyway, as proven by some guy who was dancing by himself looking all Napoleon Dynamite with his.
  • I havent been to the movies in a bit.  I really want to see “no country for old men,” but NJ sucks and its not playing near me.  no way in hell am i gonna make a trip to Montclair to see it.  i’ll settle for “american gangster” which i hear is very good.
  • I could not be more happy upon hearing A-Rod re-signed with the Yankees.  I suppose I understand everyone’s ill feelings to the greatest baseball player on the planet, but this is a business after all, and even he had to learn it the (fairly odd) hard way.  i also hear that Mariano wants a four year contract (good luck with that one, Mo) and there’s a really good chance we pick up Lowell (i dont know how i feel about that.  i rather have mentkewich or however you spell his name for the glove).
  • i havent slept much all week, busy, busy!!!  i think i’ll take a nap on the ride to AC.
  • i LUV that “shawty is a 10” song, along with surely every 16 year old in this country.
  • Cafe Tacuba next week.  thats whats up.  I’ll come through with picures, i promise.
  • i think i’m supposed to play tackle football this weekend, and i’m a bit apprehensive to say the least.  I must admit i have the seed to avoid tackles from several of the players involved.  i never broke a bone in my body and i dont plan on it in the near future.
  • i played Scrabble for the first time the other day.  i lost twice, but i got better the 2nd time around.
  • i want to lose like 10 pounds in very little time, for no good reason.  i need discipline.
  • i’m making veggie dishes for Thanksgiving.  I’m thinking sweet potato chili (sounds yummy to me pallat) and some stew, if my sister doesnt make her pumpkin soup.
  • Oswaldo Carrillo
  • I’ve been right all along about the most recent New Pornographers album, Challengers.  boy does it suck.
  • WTF at that Oregon-Arizona game from last night.  Just when i thought we were gonna get a perfect BCS championship game, the Ducks got lame on us.  Will Kansas U take advantage of this and run Mizzou to the ground two weeks from now?
  • I want to learn how to dance cumbia. 
  • I.T. ISSUES DRIVE ME CRAZY.  i cant stand some of their complaints.
  • i find it funny that the new Juanes song plays all the time in the local reggaeton station (no remix either).  money talks always.  not so funny is that its one of the better songs on their otherwise shitty playlist.
  • So i’m watching season 3 of the wire and there’s this awesome scene where the Barksdale crew are in some house party full of (presumably) prostitutes.  dudes and chicks are banging in the hallways and stairwells.  meanwhile, the song in the background is some Baltimore Club track.  i wanted to get up and start dancing it was so good.  so yeah, i need to beef up on my Baltimore Club.
  • bye bye

i’m a loser.  i have bills.  i have a court date next week.  i have my mom’s birthday party coming up next week.  i cannot spend any money on “fun things” this week.

here’s how i plan to spend my lonesome weekend.

  • my brother boght the Planet Terror and Death Proof DVDs.  i’ll watch those.
  • Giants vs. Cowboys on sunday.  Big Blue has to show and prove, more here than any previous weekend.
  • Rutgers hopes to end their losing ways tonight against Navy live from West Point.  The armed forces already had their way last week with Navy’s defeat of Notre Dame.  We cant let that happen tonight.
  • I burned 2 Big & Rich albums from a friend at work.  lets see if i can channel my inner redneck.
  • Hopefully HBO on Demand, had put up the 3rd season of The Wire.
  • this site has some bail funk mixes, hopefully their good!
  • Austin City Limits wil feature Arcade Fire (!!!!!) this weekend.  Last weekend, it was Wilco.  Check your local PBS channel for times in your area. 
  • catch a Final Fantasy show saturday night in Hoboken.  It’s only $10, as long as I dont drink.
  • have a nice weekend!