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The numbers as of 4/24/07, a couple of hours before tonight’s game.

AVG .400 | HR 14 | RBI 34 | OBP .453 | SLG 1.053    

He needs just one more shot to have the record for most homers in April.  Last night he tied Pujols’ record from last year, a great feat in of itself.

Too bad the Yanks have such a terrible pitching situation.


Watching the heavy coverage of the awful events in Virginia Tech University, I couldn’t help but reflect on my time on campus, and question if the Rutgers commmunity (student body, professors, deans, campus police, etc.)  would have handled this any differently than our peers in VT.

As many of you are surely aware, campus life can be a bit mundane. It’s a life of routine and quite frankly just a lazy (nonetheless fun) experience.  Some of us would literally crawl to morning classes dressed down because we just didn’t care.  This sort of carelessness seems for lack of a better term “ideal” or “necessary” (yikes) to the collegiate environment.  Yes, surely there are exams/homework/projects that need to be completed before their respective deadlines, but the detachment from the outside world allows these responsibilities to be met around our own time.

The only reason I even felt like commenting on the above is there is just no way you can have extra police force walking around campus without any precedent, and I don’t think (and hope) that such a scenario would ever be the case.  Dorm life and campus life in general is supposed to be liberal.  Such an imposing presence would be far too much of an interruption on the lives of the students and eventually many might even protest it.  It just doesn’t work.   From that viewpoint a major tragedy like a person on a shooting rampage could not be avoided on any campus in this country.

Then there’s the question of the 2 hour gap between shootings.  The first person was shot in one dorm around at approximately 7:15 am.  The murders in the engineering building occurred 2 hours later, just some time after the university sent out the mass e-mail notifying students of the first shootings.  No classes were cancelled immediately after the first shootings.

I know the last thing the school wants to do is cancel classes, especially so close to the end of the semester when these classes would be difficult to make up.  But I just dont see how you can have a thorough search without cutting the volume of people around campus.  ughh.  It’s difficult to come up with a solution to this problem in a such a short time span but something had to be done to contact the kids inside all dorms.  isnt that where contacting resident advisors could have provided a little more organization (not guaranteeing anything, of course)? 

Rutgers would cancel classes for the remainder of the day when it snows, citing the possibly dangerous commute from campus to campus.  Keeping in mind the majority of students use the bus system it is a smart move, but at times it seemed like the decision would likely be delayed for the sake of completing the majority of the school day.  But how would it act the same if a gunman was comfirmed to be around campus?

It’s easy to take campus life for granted because it’s so easy for the most part.  The only problems I ever tried to anticipate is buying books, grabbing something to eat between classes, parking, or silly bullshit like that.  I never once felt to be in danger around campus, and no one should. 

I dont even really know why I’m writing this.  I just became so sad at one of the accounts of Monday’s events:  some of the medical workers, while carrying the bodies to the ambulance truck, heard the ringing of the casualties’ cell phones.  Likely friends and families checking to see if they were alright.

I send my condolences to all friends and families of the victims of Virginia Tech.

ryan adams – new york, new york

black star – respiration

lord tariq and peter gunz – deja vu

nas – the world is your (remix)

I’ve been known to talk out of my ass.  But let me assure you that whatever I say about Bloc Party’s latest effort is without a doubt thought out.  I’ve been sitting on this album for a while now, without giving it much as even a solid opinion, mostly because it just doesn’t grab you like their first album “Silent Alarm.”  Does this make it a failure?  Not by a long shot.

Some things that strike me.  I hate it when bands try to make musical statements.  I can see why a band would take this approach to their sophomore effort (aversion to a critical backlash, personal/musical fullfilment, commercial/economic goals, etc.), but why stray away from what worked so well on your first album?  Those droning, danceable post-punk guitars on “Silent Alarm” are toned down here for a more U2 arena rock sound. 

With a tweeked sound comes another observation: instead of dancing, the new songs make me want to air-guitar.  any fool would tell you they’d rather dance than pretend your Slash on “November Rain.”  It’s too dorky, even for me.

This thought leads me to another sophomore album trope:  trying to sound Important.  Who gives a shit?  The majority of this album sounds as if the goal was to sound anthemic.  But the melodic structure of pretty much all the songs sound a tad too emotive for me.  This mood is projected in lead singer Kele’s toned down vocal, only to then fully anunciated later in the song.  And what’s with the pro-tooling of his voice?  It works for T-Pain, but not so much for Bloc Party.

I do enjoy some parts.  The soft-to-loud works for “Song for Clay”  since it is an album opener.  “Hunting for Witches”  definitely rocks. They also add another prom-worthy song with “I Still Remember.”  As a whole I can see what they were going for.  The rhythm section definitely carry this album.

I know there’s a underlying theme somewhere in this album, but i don’t care enough to dissect it.  But I havent stopped listening yet, so that has got to be a godd thing going for this album.

Now, the new Modest Mouse album, that is a piece of trash,

  • great to see Rose McGowan back doing work.  She was born to do camp like this.
  • Freddy Rodriguez is a star.  He already showed us his skills on Six Feet Under and Havoc (haha), but here he gave us his most lovable character yet.  He and McGowan as a couple is convincing.
  • Quentin Tarantini is such a feminist.  He should be deconstructing supossively trashy films and writing papers on feminist film theory for the rest of his life.
  • Robert Rodriguez has a very romantic view of Mexico and I look forward to any project to see how he uses the country as a character.
  • The trio of Rosario Dawson, Zoe Bell, and Tracie Thoms stole this movie, with Thoms clearly with the breakout performance.  I didnt even know R. Dawson was in this movie, and they all benefited from Kurt Russell playing to his scumbag potential.
  • Sidney Tamiia Poitier = hotter than July.
  • this movie exceeded all my astronomically high expectations.  A great moviegoing experience.

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