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Rutgers lost to UNC 44-12 in Piscataway last night. 

This team has absolutely no identity.  Teel can move the ball up the field early in the game but can’t bring us to the promised land.  We’re playing the running back position by comittee (Jourdan Brooks looked impressive), a far cry from Ray rice’s dominance of the past couple of years.

It’s probably too early to panic, but could we possibly see a different option on QB.  It’s abvious Schiano has no other plays set for Jabu Lovelace (and for god’s sake can we see him in a formation alongside Teel?).   How about DC Jefferson?  You did recruit him out the gate.  Doesn’t Chris Paul Etienne have some snaps under his belt?

0-2 is an awful way too start, especially when hopes were high in the preseason.  Any bowl consideration should be thrown out the window, the team is just not good enough in it’s current incarnation.  They should focus on just gettng better and finding rhythm on offense.  the defense ain’t shit either, but they’re spending way too much time on the field.

edit:  that is not to say North Carolina didn’t do the damn thing last night.  i’m looking forward to seeing them in ACC play this year.  Virginia Tech comes to Chapel Hill next week, maybe we’re seeing a rejuvinated Tar Heel team.

edit #2:  oddly enough there was one moment during the game that gave me much pleasure, or should i say i wasnt pouting like a muthafuka getting drunk as hell.  after Teel threw his interception around the end of the first half, ESPN was looking towards the crowd for fan reaction.  one student looks directly at the camera for what feels like 2 minutes, and greets the national audience as only a bratty New Jerseyan possibly could:


any lesser # of teams would just suck, and people would still complain.  i like bowls better.  besides, who wants to see all those SEC teams play it out against each other AGAIN anyway? 

no matter who was chosen for the national championship, they would be wrong.  so for all the Georgia, Oklahoma, USC, or Hawaii supporters/bandwagoneers, deal with it. 

Two weeks a go we were looking a t a OSU/LSU final.  things faltered, but so did everybody else with a REALISTIC CHANCE (sorry Hawaii, i watched 3 of your games this year and love your passing attack, but thats what happens when you play in the WAC conference).

besides, some of these bowl games are GREAT.  Hawaii vs. Georgia anyone????  Georgia has some great talent but Hawaii is the kind of team that makes the right adjustments to the opposing defense.

West Virginia vs. Oklahoma.  thats a monster of a game, and best believe the Mountaineers come prepared after the biggest loss in the history of their program. 

the only team that really got the shaft out of all of the college version of musical chairs was Mizzou.  .  instead of playing in the Orange Bowl against VaTech, they will face Arkansas (pretty good game as well, but no BCS bowl).  Kansas gets the privilage of playing in Miami, whom Mizzou beat last week.

Two nights was enough to discuss bowl games, projections, and outcomes.  hopefully everyone got to vent about their hopes and outcomes for the season.  As for myself, Rutgers will pay in the International Bowl against Ball State.  the only thing worse than NOT playing on New Years (especially when you had high hopes, however inflated) is playing a very lame bowl game after New Years.

South Florida certainly came to play in The Banks, but Rutgers got the best of them.  the difference: two special teams plays;  one for first down on a fake punt, the other for a TD on a fake FG.  wild stuff, cetainly what college football is all about.

Bu there is a part of me that cant be entirely happy no matter how much school pride I have.

Seriously, THERE WAS NO NEED TO RUSH THE FIELD.  This is not 2006.  If we want to be treated like a program thats come a long way, than we better start acting like it.  Yes, it was a great victory, but c’mon.

I feel bad for South Florida.  All their hard work is now for nothing.  They are a Big East team with hopes for a national championship, and unfortunately one loss will put an end to that.  Ever since three of the top programs in the nation left the conference for the ACC, we are just not considered at all for such positions.  They had an impressive resume, but losing to Rutgers, no matter how respectable they are, will only get them a chance for conference champs.  USF played tougher teams than Ohio State U, but because they are a traditional big time program, they will always get the benefit of the doubt.

Well, one has to figure all the talking heads are happy about last night’s results.  They can pretend their observations of USF just being “pretenders” were onpoint all along.  They’ll probably get the BCS championship game they wanted all year, some Pac-10 team vs. LSU (or whatever SCC team comes out of that vicious pack). 

They may be right about one thing it seems.  The SEC Championship game might as well be the National Championship.  I’m not a believer in the playoff format for Bowl Sub-division teams, but unless all teams get a FAIR evaluation, the playoff format is the way to go.  and I’m talking about more than 4 teams, BCS gatekeepers.

i believe in jinxing in sports.  Athletics (professional, collegiate, or otherwise) summon the superstition in me.  i’m not religious or psychotic by any definition, but i swear i sometimes put a hex out on my teams.

take for example, Rutgers.  I made a post after they started out 3-0.  They went on to lose their next two matches, and winning their following one.  I think to myself if I hadnt made that post, things wouldve turned out differently.

well, now I’m back to it.  RU has an important match against the numero dos in the country, South Florida.  We win, we’re back in the Top 25, we get back in the running for top dogs in the Big East, and we set up for another important match against West Virginia next week.  We lose, then we could still have a good season, still try to be bowl eligible, but otherwise all our preseasonhopes and optimism are erased.

in an effort to throw a big F*ck You to the “jinx” I’m making this post to wish all the best to the Scarlet Knights on thursday night.  should be an exciting one, and i cant wait till kickoff.  best believe i’ll be in a bar wearinng some sort of Rutgers aparell.

other times i jinxed my teams.

I made a post about the Yanks making it to the playoffs.  they lost in in 4 games against the Indians.

i was rooting for LSU against Kentucky only because i wanted more lower tier top 25 teams to drop out, making it easier for RU to get back in the pack.  they lost.

I predicted Cal to go undefeated, and they messed up. 

another example of the opposite game.  I was sure the NY Giants would do crappy all year, but they have a ounted a 4-2 record.  is this the week we come back to earth.

I talked a lot of smack in fantasy football, but now my record in 2-4.  i’m one of the two bottom teams in my division.

yep, they’ve been winning their games convingcingly like they’re supposed to.  This is the easy part of their schedule, and it’s looking like other Big East teams like Cincinatti and (specially) South Florida are a tougher match. 

RU moved up in the AP polls this week, taking the 11 spot, two spots from last week and four (i believe) from the preseason polls.  Currently the 2nd highest-ranked Big East team due to Lousville’s loss this past weekend, Rutgers are looking forward to their off week and gearing up for their match against Maryland, a game many RU faithful have been looking forward to since the school revealed the 2007 season schedule.

Likely, they will fall off one spot for not playing a game this week.  But in my opinion, 11 (or 10, if possible) seems like where they should peak, barring any total collapse by the tealms rounding out the Top 10.  I just dont see LSU, USC, Oklahoma, and Florida, shuffling around at all.  Penn St. and Ohio St. will have a key matchup later on in the season, but whoever loses shouldnt fall too much.  And Cal U is playing awesome football.  But here’s to hoping!

The West Virginia game keeps looking more important as the weeks go by.