there used to be a time when i was up on all the “latest” music news, used to know all the release dates, yadda yadda.  i’m not in college anymore, and that time has passed, and it’s a bit refreshing to be completely honest.

case in point: i had no idea The Futureheads have a new album coming out very soon, and they already released two videos for “Radio Heart” and “The Beginning of the Twist.”  You might say, it’s only two songs and it’s not like they just dropped 5 albums in the span of the month like Nine Inch Nails, and I would say tru-dat.  But 2 songs and 2 videos totally unexpected is like Xmas to me these days.  BTW i know there’s plenty of people out ther listening to all those NIN albums, but that level of Prolificness (probably not a word) is way too demanding for me; how does one take in that much music from ONE ARTIST in that very little time?  Amazing.  That’s like the rock version of the mixtape a-la when 50 Cent was flooding the market around 5-6 years ago.

definitely lookng forward to this.  going through a bit of music overload today.  I just boiught the Robyn album that came out like 3 years ago but is finally available here in the US of A (awesome album, i’m glad i didnt download it back then), the new Long Blondes album (very cool as well), and the Santogold album only to show my monetary support.  i’ve been listening to the copy have so much already it probably wont leave the shrinkwrap anytime soon.