i was supposed to post this on May 6, but i didnt.  long day at work, and the little free time i had i typed the following.  a nonsensical rant, but what te hell.

This goes out to all the 9-to-5ers who decided to partake in the Mexican nationalist drinking debauchery also known as Cinco de Mayo.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt I haven’t drank that much since college.  I can also say I don’t miss it.  Yes, there were tons of college age chicks that likely treat casual sex like an Olympic event, but if such an environment can exist in say a library or a Barnes and Noble instead of a bar I would trade it no doubt. 

Only in college could you party on Monday and probably do it again the next night.  I work everyday and sadly I can’t pick my schedule like I used to pick my classes (never a class before 1 p.m. ever since my second semester, thank you very much).  Such is life when you have to pay bills.  I’ve never been much of a daytime person.  I’ve adjusted my body to be awake by six in the morning, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

I sit here in my desk pretending to do work and replenishing my body with V8 with a little hot sauce reflecting on the pointlessness of last night.  At least Cinco de Mayo is honest.  It’s not like St. Patrick’s Day where many go out of their way to play bagpipes and eat bad food and inject old school culture on top of their binge drinking.  We live in a country where we treat Mexicans like second class citizens yet we celebrate Cinco de Mayo like we do any holiday:  by drinking a lot.  If I have to hear more typical “wetback” comments I think I’ll flip.  For fucks sake my boss is a Puerto Rican chick and she makes comments like “they’re having me work like a Mexican,” referring to the hard work low wage situation of many Mexicans looking for labor in this country (she gets paid handsomely, I’ve seen her house).  I’m not Mexican but when she said that I had anime fantasies of turning into a bionic giant and ripping her head off.  If only I didn’t need my job that much…

Since that V8 my mild headache is all but gone and maybe for the best I didn’t eat any Tex-Mex food yesterday.  Imagine how bad my stomach would have felt!  I was almost convinced to go to an Irish (read: Caucasian) bar yesterday, but obviously didn’t. 

I wish I had slim hipster jeans to go with my shirt it’s a bit oversized but that was kind of the point when I bought it.  It has slightly wider neck (not unlike those super v neck shirts but not so dramatic either).  Too bad I can’t get a descent pair of 36×30 jeans anywhere.

Anywhoo that’s all I got for now.  Instead of vomiting or calling out of work this was my best therapy method.  I love to write, I should do it more often.