Danity kane – damaged.  The not so new female group from Diddy comes hrough with some heat.  I watched their reality show only a couple of times but they seem to know what they’re doing on the creative side.  Makes me wsant to listen to their album, truth be told.  I want to get all of them pregnant, especially the skinny blonde one who looks like she’s high all the time.  Diddy ruins the song with his spoken word lament, but I guess it works as his validation for DK.  don’t get your hopes up, danity kane, my boss has yoursong on her ringtone and will likely wear out your welcome

I’m not gonna write you a love song.  I had to look up who sings this song.  I thought the song was dumb at first but now it sounds like a really queer version of a Fiona Apple song.  God I wish she’d come back with something new. 

Jordin sparks – no air Tom Breihan said he liked this song because it’s  for teenagers sung by teenagers.  He’s right.  It’s pretty morbid, though.  She starts with “if I die before I wake” which you normally hear in cliché rap songs and crappy rock, and goes on about not breathing or living.  Truthfully I haven’t paid attention to the rest of the lyrics, so there might be something else to the song.  I read she really messed up her vocals, meaning this song will be played as some memorial to a promising career, and we will all get sick of it and hate it as it becomes some 2000s cliche.

That’s it just three.  For the rest of the annoying songs, I still don’t like you.  I’m talking to you, “I  keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding,”  or that annoying Madonna/timberlake song.