some were quick to judge and label Santogold aka Santi White an M.I.A. clone, and I suppose they were right – there is one song that absolutely has that M.I.A aesthetic (the song in calle “Creator”).  but that is to say M.I.A.’s sound is all her own and she absolutely DOES NOT where her influences on her sleeve (I love both her albums but let’s get real).  Santogold displays an unabashedly pop sound, complete with strumming guitars, chill basslines, and drums galore.  upon many first listens Santogold continues to impress, and i find myself listening in many moods and situations; gym, walking, driving, what have you.

“Lights Out” is without a doubt my favorite track.  it is a simple track that features synth lines on the breakdowns.  most importantly, it has bass lines like the ones Kim Deal plays in “Gigantic” or “Cannonball”, or like “Nirvana’s “Lithium”.  everything else in my world is secondary when such a bassline invades my eardrums.  It’s been a while since a song has had multiple playback moments.  can it be that it was all so simple.  so far definitely best album out there.